Funding Clinical Trials

Before a new therapy is widely available in doctors' offices, it goes through several rounds of carefully regulated testing in people. These happen in three stages:

  1. Phase 1 trials include a very small number of people and are primarily intended to test whether the proposed therapy is safe.
  2. Phase 2 trials include slightly more people and are intended to verify that the therapy is safe, and to start looking into whether it is effective at treating the disease or condition.
  3. Phase 3 trials include large numbers of people and are intended to test whether the therapy treats the disease or condition.

All clinical trials carried out in the United States are required to be listed on the website. Those trials being carried out in other countries won't always have additional trial details available through that site.

CIRM-Funded Clinical Trials

These clinical trials are being directly funded by grants from CIRM.

Grantee Disease Grant Trial details
UC Irvine Retinitis Pigmentosa Disease Team Therapy Development Phase 1/2
Capricor Heart disease Disease Team Phase 2 NCT01458405
Calimmune HIV/AIDS Disease Team Phase 1/2 NCT01734850
City of Hope
Sangamo BioSciences
HIV/AIDS Disease Team Phase 1
UC Davis Huntington's disease Disease Team Observational
UCLA Solid tumors Disease Team Phase 1
UCSD Leukemia Disease Team Phase 1
UCLA Sickle cell disease Disease Team Phase 1
Stanford Solid tumors Disease Team Phase 1
Viacyte Diabetes Strategic Partnership I Phase 1
Asterias Biotherapeutics Spinal Cord Injury Strategic Partnership III Track A Phase 1/2a 
USC Blindness Disease Team Phase 1 (not yet enrolling)
Geron Spinal cord injury Targeted Clinical Development Phase 1

Clinical Trials Based on Earlier CIRM Grants

These clinical trials are based on discoveries made by our grantees when they were carrying out CIRM-funded research.

Grantees Trial sponsor Disease Supporting Grant Trial details
Mark Marsala Neuralstem Spinal Cord Injury Comprehensive Grant Phase 1 NCT01772810
Catriona Jamieson TargeGen/Sanofi Myelofibrosis Training

Phase 1

Phase 1/2

Catriona Jamieson Sanofi Polycythemia vera Training
New Faculty

Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 2

Phase 3


Dennis Carson
Catriona Jamieson
John Dick
Pfizer Leukemia Disease Team

Phase 1

Phase 1/2

Joel Gottesfeld Repligen, Corp Ataxia Basic Biology Phase 1 Italy

Antoni Ribas
Zoran Galic

Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Metastatic melanoma

New Faculty

Phase 2 NCT00910650

Katja Piltti
Aileen Anderson

Stem Cells, Inc Spinal cord injury Training Phase 1/2


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