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Pancreatic Islet and PARAthyroid Co-Transplantation for Treatment of Diabetes in IntraMuscular Site: PARADIGM

Disease Area:
CIRM Grant:
CLIN2-11437 (Active)
Award Value:
Trial Sponsor:
University of California, San Francisco
Trial Stage:
Phase 1/2
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Transplantation of beta cells, contained in donor pancreatic islets, can reverse the symptoms of diabetes.  However, due to a poor islet survival rate, transplants require islets from multiple donors.  Since islet cells are transplanted directly into the vessels that enter the liver, it is extremely difficult to monitor and retrieve these cells should the need arise. 

This trial will be using parathyroid glands to aid in the success and viability of the transplant procedure. Co-transplantation of islets and parathyroid glands, from the same donor, substantially increases beta cell survival, potentially enabling adequate long-term insulin production and removing the need for multiple donors.  The co-transplantation will occur in the patient’s forearm, which allows for easier monitoring and improves the effectiveness and accessibility of islet transplants for patients. 


This is a Phase I/IIA clinical trial.


To evaluate the safety and efficacy of pancreatic islet and parathyroid gland composite grafts in the intramuscular site.

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