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A Phase 2 Study of the Safety of Repeat Intravitreal Injection of Human Retinal Progenitor Cells (jCell) in Adult Subjects with Retinitis Pigmentosa

Disease Area:
CIRM Grant:
CLIN2-11472 (Active)
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Trial Sponsor:
jCyte, Inc
Trial Stage:
Phase 2
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Retinitis pigmentosa is blinding eye disease that affects approximately 150,000 individuals in the US and 1.5 million people around the world. It is caused by the destruction of light-sensing cells in the back of the eye known as photoreceptors.  This leads to gradual vision loss and eventually blindness. 

The approach for this trial involves injecting human retinal progenitor cells (hRPCs), into the vitreous cavity, a gel-filled space located in between the front and back part of the eye. The proposed mechanism of action is that hRPCs secrete neurotrophic factors that preserve, protect and even reactivate the photoreceptors, reversing the course of the disease.


This is a Phase 2 Trial.


Demonstrate safety of a repeat injection in a previously treated eye,  endpoint validation, with particular attention to mobility (maze) testing, and critical manufacturing activities, 

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