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Safety and Feasibility of Cultivated Autologous Limbal Stem Cells for Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency

Disease Area:
Corneal Damage
CIRM Grant:
CLIN2-11650 (Active)
Award Value:
Trial Stage:
Phase 1
Trial Status:
Targeted Enrollment:
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Limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) is a blinding corneal disease. LSCD is caused by a decrease in the number and/or function of limbal stem cells (LSCs), a type of stem cell that is needed to continuously regenerate tissue of the cornea, the clear front surface of the eye that refracts light entering the eye and is responsible for the majority of the optical power.  Without adequate limbal cells , inflammation, scarring, eye pain, loss of corneal clarity and gradual vision loss can occur.  This clincial trial will expand the patient’s own remaining LSCs for transplantation and will use novel diagnostic methods to assess the severity of LSCD and patient responses to treatment.


Phase 1 Trial 


This trial will collect preliminary information on the activity and safety of the treatment. 

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