University of California, San Francisco

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Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building
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Not for profit

Awards to the Institution

Program Investigator Award Title Award Value
Disease Team Planning Jeffrey Bluestone A CIRM Disease Team for the Treatment and Cure of Diabetes $55,000
New Faculty II Ophir Klein Laying the groundwork for building a tooth: analysis of dental epithelial stem cells $3,075,251
Basic Biology III Jason Pomerantz Phenotypic Analysis of Human ES Cell-Derived Muscle Stem Cells $1,381,296
Conference Susan Fisher The Stem Cell Niche in Development and Disease $5,000
Basic Biology II John Rubenstein MGE Enhancers to Select for Interneuron Precursors Produced from Human ES Cells $1,387,800
New Faculty Physician Scientist Ann Zovein Human endothelial reprogramming for hematopoietic stem cell therapy. $2,319,784
Clinical Trial Stage Projects Tippi MacKenzie In Utero Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation For The Treatment Of Fetuses With Alpha Thalassemia Major $10,906,978
SEED Grant Thea Tlsty Role of the tumor suppressor gene, p16INK4a, in regulating stem cell phenotypes in embryonic stem cells and human epithelial cells. $614,784
Inception - Discovery Stage Research Projects Andrew Brack Examining the efficacy of GDF11 antibody as a rejuvenator of aged human muscle stem cell capacity and muscle repair . $180,000
Comprehensive Grant Susan Fisher Constructing a fate map of the human embryo $2,430,487
Basic Biology IV Barbara Panning Investigation of the role of O-GlcNAcylation in SOX2 function during reprogramming $1,285,214
Conference Ophir Klein Stem Cells Craniofacial Development and Disease $4,500
SEED Grant Robert Blelloch MicroRNA Regulation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation $605,886
Disease Team Planning Jeffrey Lotz A CIRM Disease Team for the Repair of Traumatically Injured and Arthritic Cartilage $33,172
New Faculty II Emmanuelle Passegue Mechanisms Underlying the Responses of Normal and Cancer Stem Cells to Environmental and Therapeutic Insults $2,124,488
Basic Biology III John Murnane Genomic instability during culturing of human embryonic stem cells $1,070,919
Conference Regis Kelly The Science of Staying Younger Longer $6,500
Early Translational II Arturo Alvarez-Buylla Inhibitory Nerve Cell Precursors: Dosing, Safety and Efficacy $1,564,016
New Faculty Physician Scientist Tippi MacKenzie In Utero Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Congenital Anomalies $2,661,742
Inception - Discovery Stage Research Projects Semil Choksi Generation of human airway stem cells by direct transcriptional reprogramming for disease modeling and regeneration $238,408
SEED Grant Valerie Weaver Force, Dimensionality and Stem Cell Fate $529,762
Inception - Discovery Stage Research Projects Holger Willenbring Generation of bile duct-competent transplantable human liver organoids $206,460
Shared Labs Linda Giudice The University of California San Francisco Shared Research and Teaching Laboratory: a Non-Federal Human Embryonic Stem Cell Resource for the Bay Area Community $3,289,649
Basic Biology IV Miguel Ramalho-Santos Genetic dissection of human cellular reprogramming to pluripotency $1,184,883
Conference Emmanuelle Passegue CA-HSCI 1st Generation Stem Cell PI Meeting $20,000
SEED Grant Su Guo Identifying small molecules that stimulate the differentiation of hESCs into dopamine-producing neurons $542,619
Shared Labs Linda Giudice The University of California San Francisco Shared Research and Teaching Laboratory: a Non-Federal Human Embryonic Stem Cell Resource for the Bay Area Community $2,144,758
Comprehensive Grant Andrew Leavitt Understanding hESC-based Hematopoiesis for Therapeutic Benefit $2,460,822
Research Training II Susan Fisher Training Program in Stem Cell Research at UCSF $7,814,027
Conference Jeffrey Rosenfeld California ALS Research Summit 2014 $8,563
Early Translational II Markus Muschen Dual targeting of tyrosine kinase and BCL6 signaling for leukemia stem cell eradication $2,756,536
Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling Jacquelyn Maher iPSC-derived Hepatocytes as Platforms for Research in Viral Hepatitis and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis $814,976
Quest - Discovery Stage Research Projects Shuvo Roy Silicon Nanopore Membrane encapsulated enriched-Beta Clusters for Type 1 Diabetes treatment $1,113,000
SEED Grant Linda Giudice Human Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation to Trophoblast: Basic Biology and Clinical Translation to Improve Human Fertility $614,784
Late Stage Preclinical Projects Jennifer Puck Ex Vivo Transduction of the Human Artemis (DCLRE1C) cDNA by Lentiviral Vector AProArt into CD34+ Hematopoietic Cells for Artemis (ART)-Deficient Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) $4,268,865
Transplantation Immunology Mark Anderson Stem cell differentiation to thymic epithelium for inducing tolerance to stem cells $1,314,089
Basic Biology IV Jeremy Reiter Modeling disease in human embryonic stem cells using new genetic tools $1,387,800
Conference Diana Laird The 2014 Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Meeting $3,000
SEED Grant Holger Willenbring Induction of pluripotency in fibroblasts by fusion with enucleated human embryonic stem cell syncytia $329,245
New Faculty Physician Scientist Tippi MacKenzie Medical School Loan Repayment Program $36,436
Comprehensive Grant Randall Lee Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Therapies Targeting Cardiac Ischemic Disease $2,424,353
Training Grant I-1 Susan Fisher Training Grant I $2,868,145
Conference Tippi MacKenzie In Utero Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Maternal-Fetal Tolerance $17,526
Disease Team Research I Mitchel Berger Stem Cell-Mediated Oncocidal Gene Therapy of Glioblastoma (GBM) $6,214,914
Basic Biology V Mark Anderson Generation of a functional thymus to induce immune tolerance to stem cell derivatives $1,191,000
Conference II David Rowitch “Myelin Through the Ages: Evolution, Development, Degeneration and Disease” - 2018 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) $10,000
New Faculty II Robert Blelloch Mechanisms of small RNA regulation in early embryonic development $2,790,695
Transplantation Immunology Jeffrey Bluestone Stem cell tolerance through the use of engineered antigen-specific regulatory T cells $1,152,768
Quest - Discovery Stage Research Projects Tejal Desai Thin Film Encapsulation Devices for Human Stem Cell derived Insulin Producing Cells $1,092,063
Creativity Awards Katherine Nielsen UCSF SEP High School Intern Program $168,947
Patent Assistance Fund Awards Karin Immergluck Patent Assistance Fund Proposal - UCSF $300,000
SEED Grant Didier Stainier Endodermal differentiation of human ES cells $611,027
Tools and Technologies III Andrew Leavitt Small molecule tools and scale-up technologies to expand human umbilical cord blood stem and progenitor cells for clinical and research use $1,416,600
Comprehensive Grant Harold Bernstein Modeling Myocardial Therapy with Human Embryonic Stem Cells $2,134,694
Early Translational III Arnold Kriegstein Human ES cell-derived MGE inhibitory interneuron transplantation for spinal cord injury $1,623,251
Conference Jason Rock Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Retreat $3,500
New Cell Lines Susan Fisher Optimization of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation Techniques and Production/Distribution of GMP-Grade Lines $1,383,419
Basic Biology V Valerie Weaver Biophysical Determinants of Early Embryonic Stem Cell Fate Specification $1,186,500
New Faculty II Holger Willenbring Molecular dissection of adult liver regeneration to guide the generation of hepatocytes from pluripotent stem cells $2,832,008
Transplantation Immunology Tippi MacKenzie Maternal and Fetal Immune Responses to In Utero Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation $1,230,869
Quest - Discovery Stage Research Projects Julie Sneddon Designing a cellular niche for transplantation of human embryonic stem cell-derived beta cells $2,006,076
New Faculty Physician Scientist Ophir Klein Stem cell therapy for inflammatory bowel disease $3,084,000
Inception - Discovery Stage Research Projects Sonja Schrepfer Hypo-immunogenic cardiac patches for myocardial regeneration $238,500
SEED Grant Heike Daldrup-Link Labeling of human embryonic stem cells with iron oxide nanoparticles and fluorescent dyes for a non-invasive cell depiction with MR imaging and optical imaging $240,214
SPARK Katherine Nielsen Developing High School Students' Research Practices and Regenerative Medicine Knowledge through a Summer Intern Program $389,400
Comprehensive Grant Samuel Pleasure Human stem cell derived oligodendrocytes for treatment of stroke and MS $2,459,235
Early Translational III Holger Willenbring Generation of safe and therapeutically effective human induced hepatocyte-like cells $1,544,170
Conference Brian Black Weinstein Cardiovascular Development Conference $35,000
New Cell Lines Long-cheng Li Induction of pluripotent stem cells by small RNA-guided transcriptional activation $1,368,461
Major Facilities A. Washington UCSF CIRM Building $34,862,400
New Faculty II Jeremy Reiter High throughput modeling of human neurodegenerative diseases in embryonic stem cells $2,259,092
Tools and Technologies II Daniel Lim Development and preclinical testing of new devices for cell transplantation to the brain. $1,795,891
Conference Peter Stock IPITA 2013 - 14th World Congress of the International Pancreas and Islet transplant Association $10,000
New Faculty Physician Scientist Jason Pomerantz Characterization of Human Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells for Clinical Application $3,084,000
Quest - Discovery Stage Research Projects Holger Willenbring Preclinical development of AAV vector-mediated in vivo hepatic reprogramming of myofibroblasts as a therapy for liver fibrosis $1,638,389
SEED Grant Miguel Ramalho-Santos Transcriptional Regulation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells $595,755
Conference II Ophir Klein 2016 Gordon Research Conference on Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Tissue Regeneration $5,000
Comprehensive Grant Arnold Kriegstein Derivation of Inhibitory Nerve Cells from Human Embryonic Stem Cells $2,410,874
Early Translational III Morton Cowan Gene Correction of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Artemis Deficient SCID $3,931,662
Conference Arnold Kriegstein UCSF Frontiers of Neural Stem Cells Symposium $35,000
New Cell Lines Miguel Ramalho-Santos Somatic cell age and memory in the generation of iPS cells $1,307,201
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