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Patent Assistance Fund Proposal

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Our institution is a top-tier research university with many CIRM-funded researchers. At a time when our invention disclosures and patent costs are increasing, our budget is not keeping pace. We are asking for assistance from the CIRM Patent Assistance Fund to ensure that our stem cell-related inventions are given the best chance to be developed into viable therapies, diagnostics or research tools to help patients in need.

Our Technology Management group has the resources and experience necessary to evaluate the commercial potential of CIRM-funded intellectual property, to ensure proper protection of CIRM-funded intellectual property in US and foreign jurisdictions, and to successfully commercialize such inventions. Our licensing staff, trained professionals with PhDs in the life sciences, have eighty years of combined experience in managing intellectual property. Our marketing and support staff have the training and experience necessary to manage a large portfolio of inventions and patents. We further leverage our staff and resources by using outside patent attorneys, using a patent tracking database and CPI annuity service, maintaining an active intern program, and using online networks and social media for marketing.

Patent Assistance will enable protection of a greater number of promising inventions and enable the development of new stem cell-based approaches to medicine.
Statement of Benefit to California:
Stem cell therapies hold great promise as novel approaches to treating difficult medical conditions such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, macular degeneration, autoimmune disease, cancer, arthritis, organ failure and many more diseases. Patent assistance from CIRM will enable our university to protect more stem cell technologies and pursue industry partnerships which will enable these technologies to reach California patients. Furthermore, stem cell therapies are a new and growing segment of the biotechnology industry in California. Growth of new businesses developing stem cell therapies will bring high value jobs to California and support our local economy.