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RFA 11-04: CIRM Creativity Awards

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) recognizes the value of supporting educational programs to realize its scientific mission. The CIRM Creativity Awards will support summer internship programs that introduce high school students to stem cell science and related fields, expose them to cutting edge medical research, foster their creativity and promote stem cell education and awareness amongst them. The Creativity Awards program is also intended to educate and broaden the participation in stem cell research by young individuals representing the diversity of California’s population, including those hindered by economic constraints. The CIRM Creativity Awards will augment established summer high school science internship programs run by California academic and research institutions that conduct stem cell research. These programs will provide science education and research experiences for California high school students during an approximately 8-week summer internship. CIRM-supported students will participate in supervised, research activities in laboratories engaged in stem cell and developmental biology research.

Please see the RFA for full details:
RFA 11-04: CIRM Creativity Awards [pdf]

This year we asked students to submit photos, videos and blog entries about their experience.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted online via the CIRM Grants Management Portal at

An institution may submit only a single application for this award.
The application for the Creativity Awards consists of two parts:

Part A: Application Information Form (Web-based form)
Part B: Program proposal (MS Word template)

Both parts of the Application for CIRM Creativity Awards must be submitted together and received by CIRM no later than 5:00 pm (PST) on January 10, 2012, in electronic form. It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet this deadline; no exceptions will be made.

To submit an Application:

  1. Go to the Grants Management Portal –,  and log in with your existing CIRM Username and Password. If you do not have a Username, Click on the “New User” link and follow the instructions to create a CIRM Username and password.
  2. After logging in, your home page will display a list of open RFAs. Click on the “Apply for this grant” link corresponding to the Creativity Awards RFA.
  3. Complete each section by clicking on the appropriate link and following the posted instructions. Proposal and signature page templates can be found in the “Upload Required Documents” section.
  4. The “Done with Application” button becomes enabled when all sections are complete and all required documents have been uploaded. Once “Done with Application” has been selected, you will no longer be able to make changes to your application.
  5. To ensure the process is complete, go back to your home page and check the list under “Your Applications“. The status for Creativity Awards should be “Submitted“.
Schedule of CIRM deadlines and reviews Date
Applications due 5:00 pm (PST), January 10, 2012
Review of Applications by Grants Working Group (GWG)  February, 2012
Review and Approval by ICOC March, 2012
Earliest Funding of Awards May, 2012




No exceptions will be made to the indicated deadline.


For programmatic information about this RFA:
Mani Vessal, Ph.D.
Scientific Officer
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Phone: (415) 396-9308
FAX: (415) 396-9141

For information about the review process:
Gilberto R. Sambrano, Ph.D.
Senior Review Officer
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Phone: (415) 396-9103

ICOC Approval:
March 21, 2012
Total Awards:
Award Value:


Institution Investigator Grant Title Award Value
Gladstone Institutes, J. David Ms. Shannon Noonan Gladstone Summer Scholars (GSS) internship program $35,044
City of Hope, Beckman Research Institute Dr. Paul M. Salvaterra Creativity Award Program in Stem Cell Biology for California High School Students $260,825
University of California, Davis Gerhard Gerhard Bauer Internship at a Cutting Edge CIRM-funded Stem Cell Research Facility $250,064
University of California, San Francisco Katherine Nielsen UCSF SEP High School Intern Program $168,947
University of California, Santa Barbara Lina Kim Research Mentorship Program-Immersing High School Students in College Research $280,726
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland Vasanthy Narayanaswami CHORI/UC Berkeley Summer Stem Cell Research Internship Program for High School Students $151,046
Stanford University Paul J. Utz SIMR Program: Stem Cell & Developmental Biology Research Internships $340,611
Scripps Research Institute James R Williamson Stem Cell Summer Academy: Creating the Next Generation of Scientists $205,122
University of Southern California Roberta Diaz Brinton CIRM STAR High School Summer Research and Creativity Program $271,160