Neuroimmune interactions in the developing human brain

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Neuroimmune interactions in the developing human brain

Public Abstract:
Research Objective

This project will identify mechanisms by which immune cells regulate human brain development, and use stem cell derived models to identify pathological changes induced by congenital virus infection.


Neurodevelopmental disorders caused by immune cell perturbations will be impacted by the fundamental understanding of how immune system controls normal development of the brain.

Major Proposed Activities

  • Generation of spatiotemporal map of neuroimmune interactions
  • Generation of stem cell resources for modeling neuroimmune interactions in developing brain
  • Studying the consequences and mechanisms of congenital viral infection
  • Generation of reference datasets for human neuroimmune interactions
Statement of Benefit to California:
Residents of the State of California have voted to support research enabled by the CIRM, with specific focus on neurological disorders. Congenital viral infections substantially increase the risk for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Incidence of congenital viral infections has increased dramatically over the last decade in California. This project will identify the molecular pathways through which these environmental risk factors lead to neurodevelopmental phenotypes.