Human Stem Cell Use: iPS Cell

CIRM ASCEND Center – Advancing Stem Cell Education and Novel Discoveries

The proposed CIRM ASCEND Center provides cutting-edge organoid-based services, offering consultation, optimized protocols, and genomic analysis. We also offer comprehensive training, workshops, and access to data, empowering researchers across California to excel in stem cell and organoid research. Our CIRM ASCEND Center benefits Californians by advancing regenerative medicine and healthcare. The Center’s services and training […]

A Center for Stem Cell Disease Modeling and Therapeutics

The goal of this project is to support the discovery and evaluation of novel therapeutics using stem cell-based models and drug and CRISPR screening. The facility will provide California researchers access to tools, technologies, and resources for regenerative medicine research. This project benefits California by helping accelerate research to find cures for major diseases of […]

Shared Resources Laboratories to Enhance In Vitro Stem Cell Modeling and Training

Our broad objective is to expand access to equipment, services, and training within our areas of excellence. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, we aim to add value to the CIRM SRL network. We seek to build on our historical success and foster excellence in California stem cell research. The SRL will provide access to specialized […]

A modular automation approach to stem cell modeling to increase throughput, reproducibility and access

This project enhances stem cell access, scalability, and collaboration. It offers characterized hPSC lines, CRISPR editing, and differentiation on automated platforms accelerating progress in biology, disease research, and regenerative medicine. The project benefits California by advancing regenerative medicine through diverse hPSC lines, potentially leading to novel treatments and addressing health disparities. It offers educational opportunities […]

Stem Cell-based Disease Modeling Shared Resource Laboratory

Our Shared Resource Laboratory will expand access to stem cell-derived models to support research and educational programs with two main goals: democratize access to state-of-the-art models and technology among a diverse scientific community and catalyze innovation in regenerative medicine. This Shared Resource Laboratory will expand access to stem cell-derived models to regions of Southern California […]

Mapping and modeling endothelial cell fate decisions for pulmonary arterial hypertension

Research Objective We will build a foundational model and experimental platform to catalog all genes that promote and protect against PAH, with the potential to extend to many other developmental and disease processes. Impact The studies aim to identify genetic targets for PAH therapy and develop a predictive model to accelerate stem cell research and […]

Lewy body dementia, 𝛼-synuclein, and cell-specific mechanisms of neurodegeneration

Research Objective We will generate insights about mechanisms by which 𝛼-synuclein leads to neurodegeneration of the forebrain and substantia nigra, regions affected in Lewy body dementias and Parkinson disease. Impact If the proposed studies are successfully achieved, they will impact our understanding of Lewy body dementias specifically and 𝛼-synucleinopathies and neurodegeneration more broadly. Major Proposed […]

Immune cloaking of human stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells for curative cell therapy without immunosuppression

Research Objective The goal of our project is to generate cells for replacement therapy in patients that have reduced ability to trigger the immune response in the recipient and therefore escape rejection. Impact We test a novel molecule that reduces immune activation upon transplantation of allogeneic stem cell products that can improve graft survival and […]

Neuroimmune interactions in the developing human brain

Research Objective This project will identify mechanisms by which immune cells regulate human brain development, and use stem cell derived models to identify pathological changes induced by congenital virus infection. Impact Neurodevelopmental disorders caused by immune cell perturbations will be impacted by the fundamental understanding of how immune system controls normal development of the brain. […]

Modeling of GATAD2B-associated neurodevelopmental disorder and NuRDopathies: Investigation of cellular & molecular anomalies altering neurodevelopment

Research Objective Human and animal models of NuRD-deficiency will identify NuRD-subtype function in context of neurogenesis. Multi-omic studies will identify/quantify molecular and cellular changes in NuRD-deficiency. Impact NuRD-deficiency causes several neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), our work will identify and quantify cellular and molecular changes in human and mouse models of corticogenesis with NuRD deficiency. Major Proposed […]

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