Collaborative Research Program

Through the solicitation and participation in collaborative research projects, the CESCG provides stem cell scientists throughout the state of California with access to cutting-edge genomics and bioinformatics technologies, and expertise and assistance in experimental design and data analysis.

Funded Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs)

Institution Principle Investigator Awarding Institute Disease Area Project Title CRP Type 
UCLA Gay Crooks Salk Institute Blood Transcriptome barriers to generating hematopoietic stem cells from pluripotent stem cells Comprehensive
UCLA Daniel Geschwind Stanford University Autism Transcriptional Networks in Autism Spectrum Disorder Comprehensive
UCSF Arnold Kriegstein Stanford University Translational A Single Cell Resource of Human Neural Gene Expression for Improving Cell Replacement Therapies and Disease Models Comprehensive
Gladstone Institutes Benoit Bruneau Salk Institute Heart Epigenomics of Human Cardiac Differentiation and Congenital Heart Disease Comprehensive
UCLA Guoping Fan Salk Institute Development Genomic analysis of stem cell differentiation in human overgrowth syndrome


UCSD Kelly Frazer Salk Institute Heart Functional genomics of drug-induced electrophysiological phenotypes in human cardiomyocytes: a population study Regular
UCSC Jeremy Sanford Stanford University Basic Neural Comparative Genomic Analysis of Alternative Splicing and Translational Control in Neurodifferentiation Regular

For more information about current CESCG funded Collaborative Rearch Projects or to view requests for CRPs, click here.