Publications by CIRM grantees

The following list of publications describe research carried out with CIRM funding. Click on the publication title for a brief summary of the research and for more information about the CIRM grants that contributed to the research.

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Year Journal
TFAP2C- and p63-Dependent Networks Sequentially Rearrange Chromatin Landscapes to Drive Human Epidermal Lineage Commitment. 2019 Cell Stem Cell
Neuroprotective effect of placenta-derived mesenchymal stromal cells: role of exosomes. 2019 FASEB J
Metabolic and Organelle Morphology Defects in Mice and Human Patients Define Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 7 as a Mitochondrial Disease. 2019 Cell Rep
Species-specific maturation profiles of human, chimpanzee and bonobo neural cells. 2019 Elife
T cell antigen discovery via signaling and antigen-presenting bifunctional receptors. 2019 Nat Methods
T cell antigen discovery via trogocytosis. 2019 Nat Methods
Off-the-shelf cell therapy with induced pluripotent stem cell-derived natural killer cells. 2019 Semin Immunopathol
Development of innate immune cells from human pluripotent stem cells. 2019 Exp Hematol
Cardiac and skeletal muscle effects in the randomized HOPE-Duchenne trial. 2019 Neurology
Generation of Antigen-Specific T Cells from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. 2019 Methods Mol Biol
Methotrexate Chemotherapy Induces Persistent Tri-glial Dysregulation that Underlies Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Impairment. 2019 Cell
Atoh1(+) secretory progenitors possess renewal capacity independent of Lgr5(+) cells during colonic regeneration. 2019 EMBO J
Brain Organoids and the Study of Neurodevelopment. 2018 Trends Mol Med
Report of the international conference on manufacturing and testing of pluripotent stem cells. 2018 Biologicals
Improving Gene Editing Outcomes in Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells by Temporal Control of DNA Repair. 2018 Stem Cells
Fiber-based fluorescence lifetime imaging of recellularization processes on vascular tissue constructs. 2018 J Biophotonics
Human iPSC-Derived Natural Killer Cells Engineered with Chimeric Antigen Receptors Enhance Anti-tumor Activity. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
Concise Review: Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Produce Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy. 2018 Stem Cells
Potential use of stem cells as a therapy for cystinosis. 2018 Pediatr Nephrol
Development and validation of a simplified method to generate human microglia from pluripotent stem cells. 2018 Mol Neurodegener
NKX3-1 is required for induced pluripotent stem cell reprogramming and can replace OCT4 in mouse and human iPSC induction. 2018 Nat Cell Biol
Branched-chain amino acid depletion conditions bone marrow for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation avoiding amino acid imbalance-associated toxicity. 2018 Exp Hematol
De novo formation of the biliary system by TGFbeta-mediated hepatocyte transdifferentiation. 2018 Nature
Protein motion in the nucleus: from anomalous diffusion to weak interactions. 2018 Biochem Soc Trans
Single Molecule Imaging in Live Embryos Using Lattice Light-Sheet Microscopy. 2018 Methods Mol Biol
Recent evidence that TADs and chromatin loops are dynamic structures. 2018 Nucleus
Detailed Visual Cortical Responses Generated by Retinal Sheet Transplants in Rats with Severe Retinal Degeneration. 2018 J Neurosci
SoxB1 Activity Regulates Sensory Neuron Regeneration, Maintenance, and Function in Planarians. 2018 Dev Cell
Fixation, Processing, and Immunofluorescent Labeling of Whole Mount Planarians. 2018 Methods Mol Biol
High density placental mesenchymal stromal cells provide neuronal preservation and improve motor function following in utero treatment of ovine myelomeningocele. 2018 J Pediatr Surg
Parasitic helminths induce fetal-like reversion in the intestinal stem cell niche. 2018 Nature
The intestinal epithelial response to damage. 2018 Sci China Life Sci
LRH-1 mitigates intestinal inflammatory disease by maintaining epithelial homeostasis and cell survival. 2018 Nat Commun
Development of a novel ion-pairing UPLC method with cation-exchange solid-phase extraction for determination of free timolol in human plasma. 2018 J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci
Vitamin D Switches BAF Complexes to Protect beta Cells. 2018 Cell
ERRgamma Preserves Brown Fat Innate Thermogenic Activity. 2018 Cell Rep
Detection of glycosaminoglycan loss in articular cartilage by fluorescence lifetime imaging. 2018 J Biomed Opt
In Vitro and In Vivo Proteomic Comparison of Human Neural Progenitor Cell-Induced Photoreceptor Survival. 2018 Proteomics
TCF7L1 suppresses primitive streak gene expression to support human embryonic stem cell pluripotency. 2018 Development
miRNA-based therapeutic potential of stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles: a safe cell-free treatment to ameliorate radiation-induced brain injury. 2018 Int J Radiat Biol
Multicellular Interactions in 3D Engineered Myocardial Tissue. 2018 Front Cardiovasc Med
Retinoic acid and BMP4 cooperate with p63 to alter chromatin dynamics during surface epithelial commitment. 2018 Nat Genet
Short-term and long-term human or mouse organoid units generate tissue-engineered small intestine without added signalling molecules. 2018 Exp Physiol
Stem cells for babies and their surgeons: the future is now. 2018 J Pediatr Surg
Prevalence of glucocorticoid induced osteonecrosis in the mouse is not affected by treatments that maintain bone vascularity. 2018 Bone Rep
Human iPS derived progenitors bioengineered into liver organoids using an inverted colloidal crystal poly (ethylene glycol) scaffold. 2018 Biomaterials
Generation of Vascular Endothelial Cells and Hematopoietic Cells by Blastocyst Complementation. 2018 Stem Cell Reports
Mosaicism diminishes the value of pre-implantation embryo biopsies for detecting CRISPR/Cas9 induced mutations in sheep. 2018 Transgenic Res
An interspecies barrier to tetraploid complementation and chimera formation. 2018 Sci Rep
Using patient-derived iPSCs to develop humanized mouse models for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia and therapeutic drug identification, including liposomal clodronate. 2018 Sci Rep


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