Previous Funding Opportunities

Below is a list of all past Requests for Applications (RFAs) and Program Announcements (PAs), along with summaries of review reports, where applicable.

Recurring Program Announcements

Past RFAs and PAs


EDUC 1.11: Funding Opportunity for the 2020 CIRM Grantee Meeting

Special Call for COVID-19 Projects

EDUC 1.10: Funding Opportunity for the 2020 Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Symposium

EDUC 1.9: Funding Opportunity for the 2019 Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Symposium

EDUC 1.8: Funding Opportunity for the 2018 Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Symposium

EDUC 1.7: Funding Opportunity to Manage a Symposium on Pluripotent Stem Cell Manufacturing​

INFR4: Alpha Clinics Network Expansion Award

EDUC 1.6: Funding Opportunity for the 2017 Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Annual Symposium

EDUC 1.5: Funding Opportunity to Manage the SPARK Annual Meeting

INFR3: Accelerating Therapies: Public-Private Partnership (ATP3)

EDUC 1.4: Funding Opportunity to Manage the Bridges Annual Meeting

INFR2: Partnering Opportunity to Create a CIRM Translating Center

EDUC 1.3: Funding Opportunity for a Lung Regenerative Medicine Workshop

RFA INFR 1: Partnering Opportunity to Create a CIRM Accelerating Center

RFA DISC 3.1: Genetic Profiling of CIRM’s Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC) Repository to Accelerate Discovery, Diagnostics, and Therapeutic Development

RFA EDUC 1.1: Funding Opportunity to Manage the 2016 Bridges and SPARK Annual Meetings

RFA EDUC 1.2: Funding Opportunity for the 2016 Alpha Clinic Annual Symposium

RFA 15-05: Bridges to Stem Cell Research and Therapy Awards program

RFA 15-06: Summer Program to Accelerate Regenerative Medicine Knowledge (SPARK)

Genomics Initiative: Request for Collaborate Research Projects

PA 14-04: CIRM Extraordinary Supplement Awards

RFA 14-03: CIRM Strategic Partnership IV Awards

RFA 14-02:  CIRM Preclinical Development I Awards

PA 14-01: CIRM Accelerated Development Pathway

RFA 13-07: CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network: Coordinating and Information Management Center

RFA 13-06: CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network: Alpha Stem Cell Clinics

RFA 13-05: CIRM Tools and Technologies III Awards

RFA 13-04: External Innovation Pilot Program

RFA 13-03A/B: CIRM Strategic Partnership III Awards 

RFA 13-02: CIRM Basic Biology Awards V

RFA 13-01: CIRM Disease Team Therapy Development III Awards 

RFA 12-09: CIRM Strategic Partnership II Awards

PA 12-08: CIRM Patent Assistance Fund Awards

RFA 12-07: CIRM Early Translational IV Research Awards

RFA 12-06: CIRM Stem Cell Genomics Centers of Excellence Awards

RFA 12-05: CIRM Strategic Partnership I Awards

RFA 12-04: CIRM hPSC Repository Award

RFA 12-03: CIRM hiPSC Derivation Award

RFA 12-02: CIRM Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling Awards

RFA 12-01: CIRM New Faculty Physician Scientist Translational Research Awards

RFA 11-04: CIRM Creativity Awards

RFA 11-03: CIRM Basic Biology Awards IV

RFA 11-02: CIRM Early Translational III Research Awards

RFA 10-05: CIRM Disease Team Therapy Development Awards

RFA 10-05: CIRM Disease Team Therapy Development Awards - Part I Planning Award

RFA 10-04: CIRM Basic Biology Awards III

RFA 10-03: CIRM Targeted Clinical Development Awards

RFA 10-02: CIRM Tools and Technologies Awards II

RFA 10-01: CIRM Early Translational II Research Awards

RFA 09-04: CIRM Research Leadership Awards

RFA 09-03: CIRM Stem Cell Transplantation Immunology Awards

RFA 09-02: CIRM Basic Biology Awards II

RFA 09-01: CIRM Disease Team Research Awards

RFA 08-07: CIRM Basic Biology Awards I

RFA 08-05 : CIRM Early Translational Research Awards

RFA 08-04: CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research Awards

RFA 08-03: CIRM Research Training Program II

RFA 08-02: CIRM Tools and Technologies Awards

RFA 08-01: CIRM New Faculty Awards II

RFA 07-05: CIRM New Cell Lines Awards

RFA 07-04: CIRM Disease Team Planning Awards

RFA 07-03: CIRM Major Facilities Grant Program

RFA 07-02: CIRM New Faculty Awards

RFA 07-01: CIRM Shared Labs and Stem Cell Techniques Course Grant

RFA 06-02: CIRM Comprehensive Research Grant

RFA 06-01: CIRM SEED Grant

RFA 05-01: CIRM Training Grant

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