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Our mission is to accelerate stem cell treatments to patients with unmet medical needs. Help us turn our mission into reality: WATCH the video below to learn how you can be a Stem Cell Champion. Then type in your information to sign up!

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Funding Isn't Enough!

CIRM was created to fund the most promising stem cell research. But funding alone can’t speed the advancement of stem cell treatments into the clinic. We need the support of the patient advocate community to help us advance the field. We engage with patients and patient advocates at every stage of research, to help guide us and the research community. After all, no one knows what patients really need better than patients themselves. That's why we are asking patients, patient advocates, and the general public to join us in our efforts to bring approved stem cell treatments to patients faster. We all have a role to play in winning this fight. That’s why we are asking you to join us and sign up to be a CIRM Stem Cell Champion.

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Jonathan Thomas Chairman of CIRM Board

Jonathan Thomas Chairman of CIRM Board

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Learn about how CIRM-funded stem cell research could generate treatments for many chronic diseases and injuries.

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