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The path from cell therapy development to life-saving treatments can be challenging, but here at CIRM we have developed a series of programs that together are poised to improve the efficiency by which much-needed therapies reach patients in need.

We began by first building a strong infrastructure and educational training for young scientists. And with the launch of CIRM 2.0, we have streamlined the process by which we award grants. In January of 2015, we opened up our Clinical Programs initiative to qualified applicants. And in the Fall 2015, we launched our Discovery and Translational programs. Follow the links below to apply for funding.


Funding Opportunities


  • Apply for our current Infrastructure Projects
    • Applications for the Partnering Opportunity to Create a CIRM Accelerating Center RFA (INFR1) are due April 15, 2016.


  • Apply for our Partnering Opportunity for Discovery Stage Research Projects
    • Applications for the current round of Inception Awards (DISC1) are due November, 2016.
    • Applications for the current round of Quest Awards (DISC2) are due March 15, 2016.
    • Applications for the current round of Challenge Awards (DISC3) are due March 30, 2016.





Future Funding Opportunities


Previous Funding Opportunities

View all past Request for Applications (RFA's) and summaries of review reports.


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