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The Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network is already making progress toward the development and delivery of stem cell treatments. Browse our news archive below to discover the latest advances.

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Oct 8, 2020 All Alpha Clinic Symposium Alpha Stem Cell Clinic Virtual Symposium: Agenda and Links to View Recordings 
Sept 28, 2017 UC Davis UC Davis receives $8 million to expand access to stem cell clinical trials
Sept 11, 2017 UCLA/UCI Solid Cancers UCLA opens first engineered blood stem cell clinical trial for cancers with the NY-ESO-1 tumor marker
August 3, 2017 UCSD Spinal Cord Injury Asterias Biotherapeutics Opens Two Additional Clinical Sites for AST-OPC1 SCiStar Study
August 1, 2017 UCSD Diabetes ViaCyte Announces First Patients Implanted with PEC-Direct Islet Cell Replacement Therapy in International Clinical Trial
July 25, 2017 UCI ALS BrainStorm Announces Agreement with University of California Irvine Medical Center to Participate in Phase 3 Trial of NurOwn in ALS
July 20, 2017 City of Hope Glioblastoma (Brain cancer) California Stem Cell Agency Researching Cures for Brain Cancer Afflicting McCain
March 27, 2017 All Alpha Clinic Symposium CIRM Alpha Clinics Network charts a new course for delivering stem cell treatments
March 25, 2017 All Alpha Clinic Symposium Symposium discusses latest and future of stem cell therapy
March 23, 2017 City of Hope Alpha Clinic Symposium Second Annual Symposium of the CIRM Alpha Clinics Network
March 14, 2017 City of Hope Alpha Clinic Symposium City of Hope hosts second CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Symposium
March 9, 2017 All A clinical trial network focused on stem cell treatments is expanding
Dec 29, 2016 City of Hope Glioblastoma (Brain cancer) Regression of Glioblastoma after Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy
June 15, 2016 UCSD San Diego gets new stem cell center
April 19, 2016 City of Hope HIV/AIDS Re-engineering stem cells to eradicate HIV in lifelong sufferer
April 7, 2016 All Alpha Clinic Symposium Keys to successful stem cell translation – Nurses, physicians and patient advocates
March 21, 2016 All Alpha Clinic Symposium Patients are the heroes at the CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Symposium
March 17, 2016 UCSD ALS CIRM grant to fund proposed stem cell trials for ALS
March 14, 2016 All CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics: Paving a Path to Cures
November 13, 2015 UCSD Leukemia Embryonic protein worsens leukemia: inhibiting protein slows acute myeloid leukemia, possibly other cancers
October 11, 2015 UCLA/UCI Blindness Unlocking stem cells’ potential to cure eye disease a reality
August 12, 2015 UCLA/UCI Blindness UCI-led team begins first clinical trial of stem cell-based retinitis pigmentosa treatment
July 9, 2016 All New Video: Paving a path to cures with the Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Network
July 8, 2015 UCSD Blood cancer GSK, UCSD team on blood cancers
June 29, 2015 City of Hope Brain Tumors New CIRM-Funded Stem Cell Clinic at City of Hope Treats Its First Patient
March 23, 2015 City of Hope Leukemia
Brain Tumors
City of Hope launches stem cell therapy clinic to fight incurable diseases in new ways
March 3, 2015 City of Hope HIV/AIDS CIRM-funded Clinical Trial Aimed at Blocking HIV/AIDS in People Gets the Go Ahead
March 2, 2015 UCLA/UCI Sickle Cell Disease UCLA Research Shows Promising Method for Correcting Genetic Code to Treat Sickle Cell Disease
November 21, 2014 UCLA/UCI Blood Disorders
Researchers Unlock Protein Key to Harnessing Regenerative Power of Blood Stem Cells
November  18, 2014 UCLA/UCI SCID (“Bubble Baby” Disease) Stem Cell Breakthrough: UCLA Researcher Pioneers Gene Therapy Cure for Children with “Bubble Baby” Disease
October 23, 2014 UCLA/UCI UCLA and UCI Awarded $8M to Launch Collaborative Stem Cell Clinic “Center of Excellence”
October 14, 2014 UCLA/UCI Blindness Promising Results in Stem Cell Trial for Blindness
September 17, 2014 UCSD Diabetes Stem Cell Agency Invests $16 million To Fight Diabetes and Announces Plan to Launch CIRM 2.0
August 21, 2014 UCSD Diabetes World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Company Signs Agreement with ViaCyte for a Stem Cell Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes
August 19, 2014 UCSD Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Funded by California Stem Cell Agency Cleared To Begin Clinical Trial
July 14, 2014 UCLA/UCI Blindness Scientist Receives CIRM Bridging Fund Award to Treat Blinding Eye Disorder
May 29, 2014 City of Hope HIV/AIDS Stem Cell Agency Invests $32 Million Toward Therapies For Spinal Cord Injury and HIV/AIDS
December 12, 3013 UCLA/UCI Solid Tumors
Sickle Cell Disease
UCLA Scientists Taking Stem Cell Research to Patients
March 21, 2013 UCLA/UCI Melanoma Researchers Monitor T Cell Function to Improve Melanoma Treatment

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