Accessibility & Affordability Working Group

About the Accessibility & Affordability Working Group (AAWG)

The AAWG is created for the purpose of providing recommendations to the ICOC intended to examine, develop, and assist with the implementation of financial models to enhance the accessibility and affordability of treatments and cures arising from institute-funded research for Californians and to enhance access to clinical trials, including reimbursement alternatives for patient-qualified costs to help achieve the objective that reimbursement covers patient expenses. This purpose will be accomplished through standards and criteria adopted by the ICOC, in order to make recommendations to the ICOC. Finally, this purpose will be accomplished through oversight reviews of grantees to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the award in order to fulfill the mission of the Act, and to report and make recommendations for subsequent actions to the ICOC or the CIRM President, as appropriate.

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AAWG Members

Accessibility & Affordability working group meeting agendas and transcripts are available in the meetings archives.