Disease Programs

CIRM is committed to accelerating the development of new stem cell-based therapies for chronic, debilitating diseases and disorders. The following pages describe CIRM’s stem cell research funding and progress toward cures. Please check back if you don’t see a disease listed here as we will be adding new pages regularly.

Alzheimer’s disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease)
Blood Cancer
Cancer: Brain tumor
Cancer: Skin
Cancer: Solid tumor
Heart disease
Huntington’s disease
Kidney disease
Multiple sclerosis
Osteoporosis, bone and cartilage disease
Parkinson’s disease
Respiratory disease
SCID/Primary Immune Diseases
Sickle cell disease
Spinal cord injury
Vascular disease

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If you or a family member is interested in participating in a clinical trial, please visit the CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinics webpage orĀ clinicaltrials.gov to find a trial near you.