Clinical Trials Based on CIRM Grants

CIRM has funded early-stage awards whose research has progressed into clinical trials. Below is a list of clinical trials that are a result of these early-stage CIRM-funded awards. For a list of CIRM-funded trials, visit our Funding Clinical Trials page.

Grantees Trial sponsor Disease Supporting Grant Trial details

Karen Aboody

Jana Portnow 

Larry Couture

City of Hope

Brain Cancer

Disease Team Research I

Phase 1 NCT02192359

Eric Adler Rocket Pharmaceuticals Inc. Danon Disease Early Translational III Phase 1 NCT03882437
Peter Coffey Pfizer Blindness Research Leadership Phase 1 NCT01691261

Stephen Forman

Christine Brown

City of Hope Glioblastoma Early Translational III Phase 1 NCT02208362
Joel Gottesfeld Repligen Ataxia Basic Biology III Phase 1 Italy
Catriona Jamieson



Myelofibrosis SEED

Phase 1/2 NCT00724334

Phase 2 NCT01420770

Phase 2 NCT01523171

Phase 1 NCT00631462

Catriona Jamieson Sanofi Polycythemia vera SEED
New Faculty II


Phase 2 NCT01420783

Phase 3 NCT01437787

Catriona Jamieson

Dennis Carson

John Dick


Hematologic Malignancies

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Disease Team Research I

Phase 1 NCT00953758

Phase 1/2 NCT01546038

Eduardo Marbán Capricor Heart Failure Disease Team Research I

Phase 1 NCT00893360

Phase 1 NCT02293603

Phase 2 NCT03406780

Martin Marsala Neuralstem Spinal Cord Injury Comprehensive Grant Phase 1 NCT01772810
Antoni Ribas Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Advanced malignancies

Metastatic melanoma

New Faculty II

Phase 2 NCT01697527

Phase 2 NCT00910650

Devon Shedlock Poseida Therapeutics, Inc. Prostate Cancer Late Stage Preclinical Phase 1 NCT04249947
Bob Valamehr Fate Therapeutics

Hematologic Malignancies


Late Stage Preclinical 

Phase 1 NCT04023071

Phase 1 NCT04363346

Irving Weissman

Beverly Mitchell

Ravindra Majeti

Paresh Vyas

Forty Seven, Inc.

Solid Tumors

Ovarian Cancer

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Bladder Cancer

Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Disease Team Research I

Phase 1 NCT02216409

Phase 1 NCT03558139

Phase 1 NCT03527147

Phase 1/2  NCT02953509

Phase 1/2 NCT03869190

Phase 1 NCT03922477 

Tony Wyss-Coray Alkahest, Inc.

Knee/Hip Arthroplasty

Alzheimer’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Basic Biology II

Phase 2 NCT03981419

Phase 2 NCT03765762

Phase 2 NCT03713957