All CIRM Grants

Institution Researcher name Grant Type Grant Title Award Value
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Inder Verma Shared Labs Shared viral vector facility for genetic manipulation of human ES cell $1,844,315
Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education Thomas Rando Basic Biology V Molecular regulation of stem cell potency $966,510
University of California, Berkeley Ellen Robey Research Training II Interdisciplinary Training in Stem Cell Biology, Engineering and Medicine $6,901,914
Stanford University Phillip Yang SEED Grant In Vivo Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Murine Model of Myocardial Infarction $629,952
University of California, Irvine leif Havton Early Translational II Repair of Conus Medullaris/Cauda Equina Injury using Human ES Cell-Derived Motor Neurons $1,527,044
Salk Institute for Biological Studies David Schubert Preclinical Development Awards Human Stem-Cell Based Development of a Potent Alzheimer’s Drug Candidate $1,664,885
Fluidigm Corporation Marc Unger Tools and Technologies II Development and Application of Versatile, Automated, Microfluidic Cell Culture System $1,939,236
University of California, San Francisco Barbara Panning Basic Biology IV Investigation of the role of O-GlcNAcylation in SOX2 function during reprogramming $1,285,214
Stanford University Helen Blau Tools and Technologies I Regulation of Stem Cell Fate in Bioengineered Arrays of Hydrogel Microwells $949,608
University of California, San Francisco Jeffrey Bluestone Disease Team Planning A CIRM Disease Team for the Treatment and Cure of Diabetes $55,000
San Francisco State University Carmen Domingo Bridges Bridges to Stem Cell Research $4,201,420
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Ziwei Huang SEED Grant New Chemokine-Derived Therapeutics Targeting Stem Cell Migration $708,000
Stanford University Michelle Monje New Faculty Physician Scientist White matter neuroregeneration after chemotherapy: stem cell therapy for “chemobrain” $2,800,536
University of California, Los Angeles Zack Jerome New Cell Lines Generation of clinical grade human iPS cells $1,341,000
University of California, Santa Barbara Lina Kim Creativity Awards Research Mentorship Program-Immersing High School Students in College Research $282,715
University of California, Davis Kit Lam Tools and Technologies I Discovery of adhesion ligands for pluripotent human stem cells $834,003
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Mark Mercola Disease Team Planning "Stem Cell Therapies for Heart Failure" $44,450
Stanford University Robert Robbins Disease Team Therapy Planning I Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes for Patients with End Stage Heart Failure $73,030
San Diego State University Ricardo Zayas New Faculty II The molecular basis underlying adult neurogenesis during regeneration and tissue renewal $1,712,225
Stanford University Ching-Pin Chang New Faculty II VEGF signaling in adventitial stem cells in vascular physiology and disease $3,005,695
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Stuart Lipton Early Translational IV Programming Human ESC-derived Neural Stem Cells with MEF2C for Transplantation in Stroke $1,020,815
University of California, San Diego Binhai Zheng SEED Grant Genetic manipulation of human embryonic stem cells and its application in studying CNS development and repair $600,441
University of California, San Diego Karl Willert Basic Biology I WNT signaling and the control of cell fate decisions in human pluripotent stem cells. $1,329,298
University of California, San Diego Martin Marsala Transplantation Immunology Induction of immune tolerance after spinal grafting of human ES-derived neural precursors $1,387,800
Scripps Research Institute Jeanne Loring Shared Labs Collaborative Laboratory for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research $1,361,825
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Donald Kohn Training Grant I-2 Training Grant 1 $2,173,872
University of California, San Francisco Samuel Pleasure Comprehensive Grant Human stem cell derived oligodendrocytes for treatment of stroke and MS $2,459,235
University of California, San Diego Thomas Kipps Disease Team Therapy Development III Therapeutic Eradication of Cancer Stem Cells $4,179,598
City of Hope Jiing-Kuan Yee Basic Biology III Use of human iPS cells to study spinal muscular atrophy $1,268,868
University of Southern California David Hinton SEED Grant Therapeutic potential of Retinal Pigment Epithelial cell lines derived from hES cells for retinal degeneration. $651,607
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Huei-sheng Chen Basic Biology II Endothelial cells and ion channel maturation of human stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes $1,587,610
Gladstone Institutes Sheng Ding New Faculty I Reprogramming of human somatic cells back to pluripotent embryonic stem cells $1,320,101
University of California, Berkeley Xavier Darzacq Research Leadership Single Molecule Biophysics and Biology of Cellular Identity $4,255,167
University of California, San Diego Lawrence Goldstein Early Translational III Identifying Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease with Human Neurons Made From Human IPS cells $1,774,420
Scripps Research Institute Jeanne Loring Early Translational I Ensuring the safety of cell therapy: a quality control pipeline for cell purification and validation $5,830,771
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Ronald Evans Basic Biology V Metabolically-driven epigenetic changes in iPSC reprogramming $1,491,900
Parkinson's Institute R. Jeremy Nichols Basic Biology III Understanding the role of LRRK2 in iPSC cell models of Parkinson's Disease $1,482,822
University of California, San Francisco Valerie Weaver SEED Grant Force, Dimensionality and Stem Cell Fate $529,762
University of California, Davis Mark Zern Early Translational II Liver Cell Transplantation $4,212,621
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Robert Wechsler-Reya Research Leadership The role of neural stem cells in cerebellar development, regeneration and tumorigenesis $5,226,050
City of Hope John Zaia Alpha Stem Cell Clinics The Innovation-Alpha Clinic for Cellular Therapies (I-ACT) – A Program for the Development and Delivery of Innovative Cell-based Treatments and Cures for Life-threatening Diseases. $8,000,000
StemCells, Inc. Alexandra Capela Disease Team Therapy Development - Research Restoration of memory in Alzheimer’s disease: a new paradigm using neural stem cell therapy $8,901,641
Buck Institute for Age Research Xianmin Zeng Shared Labs CIRM Shared Research Laboratory for Stem Cells and Aging $3,478,933
University of California, Merced Kara McCloskey Basic Biology V Directed Differentiation of Specialized Endothelial Cells $476,052
Scripps Research Institute Ulrich Mueller Research Training II Training Stem Cell Researchers at the Chemistry-Biology Interface $3,972,933
University of California, San Diego Anirvan Ghosh SEED Grant Generation of forebrain neurons from human embryonic stem cells $587,591
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Fred Gage Early Translational II Crosstalk: Inflammation in Parkinson’s disease (PD) in a humanized in vitro model $2,472,839
University of California, Irvine Leslie Thompson Preclinical Development Awards A hNSC Development Candidate for Huntington’s Disease $4,951,623
TriFoil Imaging, Inc. Joann Zhang Tools and Technologies II Tri-resolution Visualization System for Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration Monitoring $1,456,989
University of California, Berkeley Robert Tjian Basic Biology IV Transcriptional regulation of pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells $1,220,968
VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. Kristina Bonham Tools and Technologies I Development of an hES Cell-Based Assay System for Hepatocyte Differentiation Studies and Predictive Toxicology Drug Screening $971,558
University of Southern California David Woodley Disease Team Planning Clinical Regenerative Wound Healing With Stem Cells $33,626
San Jose State University Tzvia Abramson Bridges Stem Cell Internships for Laboratory-based Learning (SCILL) $4,201,707
Stanford University Mark Kay SEED Grant Novel vectors for gene transfer into human ES cells $574,737
University of California, San Francisco Tippi MacKenzie New Faculty Physician Scientist In Utero Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation to Treat Congenital Anomalies $2,661,742
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Zhuohua Zhang New Cell Lines Derivation of Parkinson's Disease Coded-Stem Cells (PD-SCs) $1,556,448
Stanford University Paul Utz Creativity Awards [REDACTED] Program: Stem Cell & Developmental Biology Research Internships $348,037
Scripps Research Institute Carlos Barbas Tools and Technologies I Development of a novel technology for precise, efficient, and safe genetic modification of stem cells $1,138,548
City of Hope Michael Barish Disease Team Planning Genetically-modified neural stem cells for treatment of high-grade glioma $55,000
University of California, Davis Nancy Lane Disease Team Therapy Planning I Increasing the endogenous mesenchymal stem cells to the bone surface to treat osteoporosis $107,750
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Stuart Lipton Comprehensive Grant MEF2C-Directed Neurogenesis From Human Embryonic Stem Cells $2,832,000
University of California, San Diego Catriona Jamieson New Faculty II Derivation and Characterization of Myeloproliferative Disorder Stem Cells from Human ES Cells $3,065,572
Stanford University Michele Calos Early Translational IV Engineered iPSC for therapy of limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2B $1,876,253
University of California, Berkeley Carolyn Bertozzi SEED Grant Profiling surface glycans and glycoprotein expression of human embryonic stem cells $444,847
University of California, Los Angeles Robb Maclellan Basic Biology I Human Cardiovascular Progenitors, their Niches and Control of Self-renewal and Cell Fate $917,667
University of California, Davis William Murphy Transplantation Immunology Donor natural killer (NK) cells as “veto” cells to promote donor-specific tolerance $1,257,601
Gladstone Institutes Deepak Srivastava Shared Labs CIRM Shared Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Laboratory $842,672
California Institute of Technology Paul Patterson Training Grant I-2 Training in Stem Cell Biology at CIT $1,817,214
University of California, Los Angeles Zack Jerome Comprehensive Grant Human Embryonic Stem Cell Therapeutic Strategies to Target HIV Disease $2,401,903
Stanford University Irving Weissman Disease Team Therapy Development III Clinical Investigation of a Humanized Anti-CD47 Antibody in Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Hematologic Malignancies and Solid Tumors $11,650,152
University of California, Berkeley Song Li Basic Biology III Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Tissue Regeneration $1,209,148
University of California, Irvine Michelle Khine SEED Grant Micro Platform for Controlled Cardiac Myocyte Differentiation $156,426
University of California, San Francisco John Rubenstein Basic Biology II MGE Enhancers to Select for Interneuron Precursors Produced from Human ES Cells $1,387,800
Western University of Health Sciences Douglas Ethell New Faculty I ES-Derived Cells for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease $1,401,642
Gladstone Institutes Todd McDevitt Research Leadership Engineering microscale tissue constructs from human pluripotent stem cells $6,368,285
Children's Hospital of Orange County Philip Schwartz Early Translational III Immune-Matched Neural Stem Cell Transplantation for Pediatric Neurodegenerative Disease $4,272,774
ViaCyte, Inc. Olivia Kelly Early Translational I Methods for detection and elimination of residual human embryonic stem cells in a differentiated cell product $5,405,397
University of California, Los Angeles Bennett Novitch Basic Biology V In vitro modeling of human motor neuron disease $1,148,758
Geron Corporation Jane Lebkowski Targeted Clinical Development Evaluation of Safety and Preliminary Efficacy of Escalating Doses of GRNOPC1 in Subacute Spinal Cord Injury $6,405,771
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Alexey Terskikh SEED Grant Analysis of Candidate Neural Crest Cells Derived from Human ES Cells $703,684
University of California, Los Angeles Noriyuki Kasahara Early Translational II Stem cell-based carriers for RCR vector delivery to glioblastoma $3,340,625
Stanford University Michele Calos Tools and Technologies II Site-specific integration of Lmx1a, FoxA2, & Otx2 to optimize dopaminergic differentiation $1,592,897
City of Hope Larry Couture Tools and Technologies III Development of a scalable, practical, and transferable GMP-compliant suspension culture-based differentiation process for cardiomyocyte production from human embryonic stem cells. $899,728
Capricor, Inc Rachel Smith Disease Team Therapy Development - Research Allogeneic Cardiac-Derived Stem Cells for Patients Following a Myocardial Infarction $19,782,136
Scripps Research Institute Jeanne Loring Shared Labs Center for hESC Research $3,725,070
Gladstone Institutes Sheng Ding Basic Biology V A novel druggable mechanism to safeguard stem cell genome $1,423,800
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles David Warburton Research Training II Stem Cell Training Grant $5,020,920
University of California, Irvine Brian Cummings SEED Grant The Immunological Niche: Effect of immunosuppressant drugs on stem cell proliferation, gene expression, and differentiation in a model of spinal cord injury. $595,345
University of California, San Diego Dennis Carson Disease Team Research I Development of Highly Active Anti-Leukemia Stem Cell Therapy (HALT) $19,999,826
California Institute for Biomedical Research Peter Schultz Preclinical Development Awards Development of a Chondrogenic Drug Candidate Targeting Cartilage-residing Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis $2,306,703
University of California, Davis Diana Farmer Preclinical Development Awards Placental Stem Cells for the In Utero Treatment of Spina Bifida $2,182,146
Stanford University Irving Weissman Tools and Technologies II Antibody tools to deplete or isolate teratogenic, cardiac, and blood stem cells from hESCs $1,463,814
Stanford University Anne Brunet Basic Biology IV Energy metabolism and aging pathways in human stem cell reprogramming and differentiation $1,414,044
University of California, Davis Alice Tarantal Tools and Technologies I In Vivo Imaging for the Detection and Quantitation of Transplanted Stem/Progenitor Cells in Nonhuman Primates $799,350
University of California, San Francisco Jeffrey Lotz Disease Team Planning A CIRM Disease Team for the Repair of Traumatically Injured and Arthritic Cartilage $33,172
Berkeley City College Barbara Des Rochers Bridges Specialty in Stem Cell Biology $2,558,105
Stanford University Julien Sage SEED Grant Functions of RB family proteins in human embryonic stem cells $498,609
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Robert Baloh New Faculty Physician Scientist Human iPSC modeling and therapeutics for degenerative peripheral nerve disease $3,031,737
Stanford University Julie Baker New Cell Lines Derivation of hESC Lines with Disease Lesions $1,404,725
Children's Hospital of Oakland Research Institute Vasanthy Narayanaswami Creativity Awards [REDACTED] Summer Stem Cell Research Internship Program for High School Students $154,000