All CIRM Grants

Institution Researcher name Grant Type Grant Title Award Value
University of California, San Diego Shyni Varghese Tools and Technologies III Technologies to improve in vivo function of transplanted stem cells $1,393,200
Scripps Health Darryl D'Lima Preclinical Development Awards Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Chondroprogenitor Cells to Repair Osteochondral Defects $7,660,211
University of California, Davis Larry Vanderhoef Major Facilities UC Davis CIRM Institute $20,082,400
Scripps Research Institute Nicholas Gascoigne Transplantation Immunology Role of Innate Immunity in hematopoeitic stem cell-mediated allograft tolerance $1,705,554
University of California, Davis Alice Tarantal Comprehensive Grant Preclinical Model for Labeling, Transplant, and In Vivo Imaging of Differentiated Human Embryonic Stem Cells $2,166,757
Stanford University Krishna Shenoy SEED Grant Technology for hESC-Derived Cardiomyocyte Differentiation and Optimization of Graft-Host Integration in Adult Myocardium $572,891
University of California, Berkeley Randy Schekman Training Grant I-1 Human Stem Cell Training at UC Berkeley and Childrens Hospital of Oakland $2,360,457
University of California, Davis Min Zhao Basic Biology I Directing migration of human stem cells with electric fields $816,228
University of California, San Francisco Jason Pomerantz Basic Biology III Phenotypic Analysis of Human ES Cell-Derived Muscle Stem Cells $1,381,296
Buck Institute for Age Research Xianmin Zeng Disease Team Planning Develop a cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease using human embryonic stem cells $37,161
Stanford University Anne Brunet New Faculty I Molecular mechanisms involved in adult neural stem cell maintenance $2,348,435
University of California, San Francisco Jacquelyn Maher Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling iPSC-derived Hepatocytes as Platforms for Research in Viral Hepatitis and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis $814,976
University of California, San Diego Martin Marsala Comprehensive Grant Spinal ischemic paraplegia: modulation by human embryonic stem cell implant $2,356,090
University of California, Riverside Frank Sauer SEED Grant Non-coding RNA as tool for the active control of stem cell differentiation $571,650
University of California, Davis Walter Boyd Early Translational III Extracellular Matrix Bioscaffold Augmented with Human Stem Cells for Cardiovascular Repair $4,633,149
Stanford University Garry Nolan Basic Biology II Kinase signaling analysis of iPS cell reprogramming and differentiation $1,343,100
University of California, Los Angeles William Lowry Basic Biology III Molecular determinants of accurate differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells $677,115
Buck Institute for Age Research Xianmin Zeng Shared Labs CIRM Shared Research Laboratory for Stem Cells and Aging $2,414,749
University of Southern California Songtao Shi New Faculty I Oral and Craniofacial Reconstruction Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells $3,242,651
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Dan Gazit Early Translational IV Gene Targeting to Endogenous Stem Cells for Segmental Bone Fracture Healing $5,180,674
University of California, Davis Alice Tarantal Early Translational I In Utero Model to Assess the Fate of Transplanted Human Cells for Translational Research and Pediatric Therapies $3,143,392
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Beverly Emerson SEED Grant Regulation of Specific Chromosomal Boundary Elements by CTCF Protein Complexes in Human Embryonic Stem Cells $647,343
University of California, Los Angeles Antoni Ribas Disease Team Therapy Development - Research Genetic Re-programming of Stem Cells to Fight Cancer $19,875,776
University of California, San Diego Catriona Jamieson Early Translational II Preclinical development of a pan Bcl2 inhibitor for cancer stem cell directed therapy $3,103,041
Gladstone Institutes Robert Mahley Research Training II CIRM Scholars Program $4,945,955
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Terrence Town Transplantation Immunology Role of HLA in neural stem cell rejection using humanized mice $1,119,385
University of California, San Francisco Daniel Lim Tools and Technologies II Development and preclinical testing of new devices for cell transplantation to the brain. $1,795,891
Stanford University Xinnan Wang Basic Biology V Misregulated Mitophagy in Parkinsonian Neurodegeneration $1,174,943
University of California, Irvine Peter Donovan Shared Labs Regional Human Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Research Laboratory and Stem Cell Techniques Course $3,072,500
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Hudson Freeze SEED Grant Role of Glycans in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Conversion to Neural Precursor Cells $708,000
University of California, San Diego Miles Wilkinson Basic Biology IV Role of the NMD RNA Decay Pathway in Maintaining the Stem-Like State $1,360,450
Stanford University Alfred Lane Disease Team Research I iPS Cell-Based Treatment of Dominant Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa $11,039,208
California State University, San Marcos Bianca Mothe Bridges CIRM Bridges to the Stem Cell Research Training Grant $4,114,712
University of California, Los Angeles Sophie Deng Early Translational II Regeneration of Functional Human Corneal Epithelial Progenitor Cells $697,507
Stanford University Sarah Heilshorn Tools and Technologies III Injectable Hydrogels for the Delivery, Maturation, and Engraftment of Clinically Relevant Numbers of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitors to the Central Nervous System $1,347,767
Stanford University Gary Steinberg Basic Biology V Paracrine and synaptic mechanisms underlying neural stem cell-mediated stroke recovery $1,178,370
City of Hope Larry Couture Tools and Technologies I Development of Suspension Adaptation, Scale-up cGMP Banking and Cell Characterization Technologies for hESC Lines $882,929
Stanford University Julien Sage SEED Grant Functions of RB family proteins in human embryonic stem cells $498,609
Gladstone Institutes Sheng Ding Basic Biology IV A new paradigm of lineage-specific reprogramming $1,708,560
University of California, Berkeley Lin He New Faculty II The roles of non-coding RNAs in the self-renewal and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells $1,406,823
Stanford University Julie Baker New Cell Lines Derivation of hESC Lines with Disease Lesions $1,404,725
Stanford University Albert Wong Disease Team Therapy Planning I Recombinant Bispecific Antibody Targeting Cancer Stem Cells for the Therapy of Glioblastoma $109,750
Scripps Research Institute Jeanne Loring Tools and Technologies III User-friendly predictive molecular diagnostic assays for quality control of stem cell derivatives for transplantation and drug discovery $1,784,052
Stanford University Matthew Porteus Preclinical Development Awards Pre-clinical development of gene correction therapy of hematopoietic stem cells for SCID-X1 $874,877
University of California, Irvine Michael Drake Major Facilities UC Irvine CIRM Institute $27,156,000
University of California, Los Angeles Gene Block Major Facilities UCLA CIRM Institute $19,854,900
Palo Alto Institute for Research and Education Husein Hadeiba Transplantation Immunology Application of Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation $733,061
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles Tracy Grikscheit New Faculty Physician Scientist The generation and expansion of tissue-engineered small intestine from human stem/ progenitor cells: a preclinical study of functional translation $3,146,160
University of California, San Diego Yang Xu Comprehensive Grant Mechanisms to maintain the self-renewal and genetic stability of human embryonic stem cells $2,467,200
Stanford University Calvin Kuo SEED Grant Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Intestinal Fates $554,176
University of California, Irvine Peter Bryant Training Grant I-1 Stem Cell Research Training Grant $1,935,487
University of Southern California Wange Lu Basic Biology I Defining the molecular mechanisms of somatic cell reprogramming $1,365,580
University of California, Los Angeles Yi Sun Basic Biology III Studying neurotransmission of normal and diseased human ES cell-derived neurons in vivo $1,382,400
University of California, Irvine Henry Klassen Disease Team Planning Stem cells for neuroprotection of photoreceptors in retinitis pigmentosa $23,537
Stanford University Howard Chang New Faculty I Noncoding RNAs in Cell Fate Determination $2,985,894
University of California, San Diego Douglas Galasko Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling Collection of skin biopsies to prepare fibroblasts from patients with Alzheimer's disease and cognitively healthy elderly controls $643,693
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Mark Mercola Comprehensive Grant Chemical Genetic Approach to Production of hESC-derived Cardiomyocytes $2,832,000
University of California, San Francisco Holger Willenbring SEED Grant Induction of pluripotency in fibroblasts by fusion with enucleated human embryonic stem cell syncytia $329,245
University of California, San Diego Eric Adler Early Translational III Identification of Novel Therapeutics for Danon Disease Using an iPS Model of the Disease $1,701,575
University of California, Irvine Aileen Anderson Basic Biology II Role of the microenvironment in human iPS and NSC fate and tumorigenesis $1,256,194
University of California, Los Angeles Shuo Lin Basic Biology III Etsrp/ER71 mediated stem cell differentiation into vascular lineage $1,382,400
Gladstone Institutes Sheng Ding Shared Labs Center for hESC Research $1,440,164
University of California, San Diego David Traver New Faculty I Genetic dissection of mesodermal commitment to the hematopoietic fates. $2,150,620
University of California, San Diego Alysson Muotri Early Translational IV A drug-screening platform for autism spectrum disorders using human astrocytes $1,656,456
BioTime, Inc. Michael West Early Translational I Addressing the Cell Purity and Identity Bottleneck Through Generation and Expansion of Clonal Human Embryonic Progenitor Cell Lines $4,721,706
Stanford University Aaron Hsueh SEED Grant Patient-specific cells with nuclear transfer $629,653
University of California, Davis John Laird Disease Team Therapy Development - Research Phase I study of IM Injection of VEGF-Producing MSC for the Treatment of Critical Limb Ischemia $3,728,384
University of California, Irvine Leslie Thompson Early Translational II A hESc-based Development Candidate for Huntington's Disease $4,045,253
University of Southern California Robert Maxson Research Training II CIRM Stem Cell Biology Training Program $6,162,045
Scripps Research Institute Sheng Ding New Faculty I Reprogramming of human somatic cells back to pluripotent embryonic stem cells $1,393,876
University of California, Los Angeles Martin Martin Tools and Technologies II Pluripotent and Somatic Stem Cell Models to Study Inherited Diarrheal Disorders $1,783,250
University of California, Los Angeles Lili Yang Basic Biology V Differentiation of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells into iNKT Cells $614,400
University of California, Santa Barbara Dennis Clegg Shared Labs Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering $1,638,357
University of Southern California Qilong Ying SEED Grant Self-renewal of human embryonic stem cells $621,421
Stanford University Gerald Crabtree Basic Biology IV Mechanism and Utility of Direct Neuronal Conversion with a MicroRNA-Chromatin Switch $1,392,426
City of Hope Karen Aboody Disease Team Research I Stem Cell-mediated Therapy for High-grade Glioma: Toward Phase I-II Clinical Trials $17,890,623
City College Of San Francisco Carin Zimmerman Bridges Stem Cell Training Enhancement Program $2,704,836
University of California, San Diego Catriona Jamieson SEED Grant Derivation and Characterization of Cancer Stem Cells from Human ES Cells $616,305
University of California, Irvine Mathew Blurton-Jones Tools and Technologies III Optimizing the differentiation and expansion of microglial progenitors from human pluripotent stem cells for the study and treatment of neurological disease. $1,147,596
California Institute of Technology David Tirrell Basic Biology V Engineered matrices for control of lineage commitment in human pancreatic stem cells $526,896
University of California, San Diego Steve Dowdy Tools and Technologies I TAT Cell-Permeable Protein Delivery of siRNAs for Epigenetic Programming of Human Pluripotent and Adult Stem Cells $720,000
Scripps Research Institute Peter Schultz SEED Grant A Chemical Approach to Stem Cell Biology $748,944
University of California, Los Angeles Owen Witte Basic Biology IV Trop2 dependent and independent mechanisms of self-renewal in human cancer stem cells $1,254,960
University of California, San Diego Mana Parast New Faculty II Molecular Mechanisms of Trophoblast Stem Cell Specification and Self-Renewal $3,077,918
Stanford University Michele Calos New Cell Lines Safe, efficient creation of human induced pluripotent stem cells without the use of retroviruses $1,406,875
Samumed, LLC John Hood Disease Team Therapy Planning I Clinical Development of an osteoinductive therapy to prevent osteoporosis-related fractures $99,110
University of California, Los Angeles James Dunn Tools and Technologies III Skin-derived precursor cells for the treatment of enteric neuromuscular dysfunction $1,818,751
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Shaomei Wang Late Stage Preclinical Projects IND-enabling study of subretinal delivery of human neural progenitor cells for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa $4,954,514
Caladrius Biosciences, Inc. Robert Dillman Clinical Trial Stage Projects Tumor stem cell-targeted immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma –a randomized phase 3 clinical trial. $3,000,000
University of California, Merced John White Major Facilities Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry $4,341,321
Escape Therapeutics, Inc Basil Hantash Transplantation Immunology Development of an immune tolerant hESC source for allogeneic cell therapy applications $1,453,040
Stanford University Alan Cheng New Faculty Physician Scientist Enhancing hair cell regeneration in mouse and human inner ear $3,091,595
Stanford University Julie Baker Comprehensive Grant Functional Genomic Analysis of Chemically Defined Human Embryonic Stem Cell $2,518,303
University of California, Los Angeles Irvin Chen SEED Grant Genetic modification of the human genome to resist HIV-1 infection and/or disease progression $616,800
Scripps Research Institute Peter Schultz Training Grant I-2 Training Grant I $1,021,395
University of California, Los Angeles Luisa Iruela-Arispe Basic Biology I Molecular Characterization and Functional Exploration of Hemogenic Endothelium $1,371,477
Stanford University Michael Clarke Basic Biology III USP16 controls stem cell number: implications for Down Syndrome $1,263,826
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Webster Cavenee Disease Team Planning Stem Cell-Mediated Oncocidal Therapy of Primary & Metastatic Brain Tumors $3,867
University of California, Santa Cruz Bin Chen New Faculty I Molecular mechanisms of neural stem cell differentiation in the developing brain $2,147,592
Cellular Dynamics International Thomas Novak hiPSC Derivation Generation and characterization of high-quality, footprint-free human induced pluripotent stem cell lines from 3,000 donors to investigate multigenic diseases $16,000,000