All CIRM Grants

Institution Researcher name Grant Type Grant Title Award Value
Pasadena City College Pamela Eversole-Cire Bridges Bridges to Stem Cell Research $3,823,076
San Diego State University Ralph Feuer Bridges CIRM Stem Cell Internship Program $4,211,606
Stanford University Joseph Wu Tools and Technologies III Advanced animal model for predictive preclinical testing of engineered cardiac autografts and allografts $1,713,456
Stanford University Steven Artandi Basic Biology II Self-renewal and senescence in iPS cells derived from patients with a stem cell disease $931,285
Stanford University Alan Cheng New Faculty Physician Scientist Enhancing hair cell regeneration in mouse and human inner ear $3,091,595
Cellular Dynamics International Thomas Novak hiPSC Derivation Generation and characterization of high-quality, footprint-free human induced pluripotent stem cell lines from 3,000 donors to investigate multigenic diseases $16,000,000
Gladstone Institutes Steven Finkbeiner Early Translational IV Development of Novel Autophagy Inducers to Block the Progression of and Treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases $2,278,080
Stanford University Joanna Wysocka New Faculty I Trithorax and Polycomb methyltransferase complexes in cell fate determination. $2,373,903
University of California, Los Angeles Leif Havton Tools and Technologies III Development of a Relevant Pre-Clinical Animal Model as a Tool to Evaluate Human Stem Cell-Derived Replacement Therapies for Motor Neuron Injuries and Degenerative Diseases $1,308,711
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Clive Svendsen Tools and Technologies II Use of iPS cells (iPSCs) to develop novels tools for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy. $1,933,022
Stanford University Anne Brunet Basic Biology IV Energy metabolism and aging pathways in human stem cell reprogramming and differentiation $1,414,044
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Robert Wechsler-Reya Research Leadership The role of neural stem cells in cerebellar development, regeneration and tumorigenesis $5,226,050
University of Southern California Andrew McMahon Research Leadership Repair and regeneration of the nephron $5,672,206
Stanford University Michele Calos Tools and Technologies II Site-specific integration of Lmx1a, FoxA2, & Otx2 to optimize dopaminergic differentiation $1,592,897
City of Hope Karen Aboody Disease Team Research I Stem Cell-mediated Therapy for High-grade Glioma: Toward Phase I-II Clinical Trials $17,890,623
University of California, Irvine Peter Donovan Research Training II Research Training Program II $6,315,379
Stanford University Anthony Oro Tools and Technologies III A Chromatin Context Tool for Predicting iPS Lineage Predisposition and Tissue Graftability $1,403,822
Gladstone Institutes Deepak Srivastava Early Translational III Direct Cardiac Reprogramming for Heart Regeneration $6,319,110
University of California, Davis Kyriacos Athanasiou Early Translational III Tissue engineered cartilage from autologous, dermis-isolated, adult, stem (DIAS) cells $1,735,703
City of Hope Stephen Forman Early Translational III Targeting glioma cancer stem cells with receptor-engineered self-renewing memory T cells $5,217,004
University of California, Berkeley Xavier Darzacq Research Leadership Single Molecule Biophysics and Biology of Cellular Identity $4,255,167
Stanford University Irving Weissman Disease Team Therapy Development III Clinical Investigation of a Humanized Anti-CD47 Antibody in Targeting Cancer Stem Cells in Hematologic Malignancies and Solid Tumors $7,672,364
University of California, Berkeley Steven Conolly Tools and Technologies II Magnetic Particle Imaging: A Novel Ultra-sensitive Imaging Scanner for Tracking Stem Cells In Vivo $1,311,596
University of California, Los Angeles John Chute Research Leadership Niche-Focused Research: Discovery & Development of Hematopoietic Regenerative Factors $5,174,715
University of California, Berkeley David Schaffer Tools and Technologies III Engineered Biomaterials for Scalable Manufacturing and High Viability Implantation of hPSC-Derived Cells to Treat Neurodegenerative Disease $1,239,276
University of California, Irvine Craig Walsh Early Translational III Multiple Sclerosis therapy: Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells $4,590,219
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles David Warburton Shared Labs hESC Facility $1,750,259
Gladstone Institutes Todd McDevitt Research Leadership Engineering microscale tissue constructs from human pluripotent stem cells $6,368,285
University of California, Santa Barbara Peter Coffey Research Leadership Development of Cellular Therapies for Retinal Disease $4,850,116
University of California, San Diego Shyni Varghese Tools and Technologies III Technologies to improve in vivo function of transplanted stem cells $1,393,200
University of California, Irvine Magdalene Seiler Early Translational IV Restoring vision by sheet transplants of retinal progenitors and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) $3,998,948
Stanford University Fan Yang Tools and Technologies III Injectable Macroporous Matrices to Enhance Stem Cell Engraftment and Survival $1,452,708
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Clive Svendsen Disease Team Therapy Development - Research Progenitor Cells Secreting GDNF for the Treatment of ALS $16,961,287
San Jose State University Tzvia Abramson Bridges Stem Cell Internships for Laboratory-based Learning (SCILL) $4,201,707
California State University, Channel Islands Ching-Hua Wang Bridges Curriculum Development and Implementation of Stem Cell Technology and Laboratory Management Emphasis in an Established MS Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Program at (REDACTED) and Co-development of a GE Course on Stem Cel $4,237,241
California State University, Long Beach Lisa Klig Bridges CIRM Stem Cell Research Biotechnology Training Program $3,513,898
University of California, Los Angeles Leif Havton Early Translational II Repair of Conus Medullaris/Cauda Equina Injury using Human ES Cell-Derived Motor Neurons $75,628
Stanford University Garry Nolan Basic Biology II Kinase signaling analysis of iPS cell reprogramming and differentiation $1,343,100
Stanford University Robert Negrin Transplantation Immunology Regulatory T cell induced tolerance to ESC transplantation $1,382,658
Stanford University Vittorio Sebastiano Shared Labs Center for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Education $3,434,600
University of California, San Francisco Daniel Lim Tools and Technologies II Development and preclinical testing of new devices for cell transplantation to the brain. $1,797,426
University of California, Los Angeles Carla Koehler Tools and Technologies III A small molecule tool for reducing the malignant potential in reprogramming human iPSCs and ESCs $1,283,900
City of Hope Larry Couture Tools and Technologies III Development of a scalable, practical, and transferable GMP-compliant suspension culture-based differentiation process for cardiomyocyte production from human embryonic stem cells. $899,728
University of Southern California Toshio Miki Tools and Technologies III Development of a clinical-grade extracorporeal liver support system using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatic cells $1,257,372
University of California, San Diego Shaochen Chen Tools and Technologies III Development of 3D Bioprinting Techniques using Human Embryonic Stem Cells Derived Cardiomyocytes for Cardiac Tissue Engineering $1,368,517
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte Early Translational III Direct reprogramming towards vascular progenitors for the treatment of ischemia $2,340,000
ViaCyte, Inc. Howard Foyt Strategic Partnership I Preclinical and clinical testing of a stem cell-based combination product for insulin-dependent diabetes $10,075,070
Stanford University Helen Blau Basic Biology V Mass Cytometry to Delineate the Human Muscle Stem Cell Hierarchy and Dysfunction in Aging $1,175,357
University of California, San Diego Thomas Kipps Disease Team Therapy Development III Therapeutic Eradication of Cancer Stem Cells $4,179,598
University of California, San Francisco Andrew Leavitt Tools and Technologies III Small molecule tools and scale-up technologies to expand human umbilical cord blood stem and progenitor cells for clinical and research use $1,416,600
City of Hope Yanhong Shi Early Translational II Developing a therapeutic candidate for Canavan disease using induced pluripotent stem cell $1,835,983
San Francisco State University Carmen Domingo Bridges Bridges to Stem Cell Research $4,201,420
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Paul Noble Basic Biology V Innate Immune Regulation of Lung Alveolar Stem Cell Renewal in Mouse and Man $624,816
University of California, Los Angeles Samantha Butler Basic Biology V Assessing the mechanism by which the Bone Morphogenetic Proteins direct stem cell fate $545,962
University of California, Santa Cruz Lindsay Hinck Shared Labs Shared Stem Cell Facility $1,721,129
University of Southern California Mark Humayun Disease Team Therapy Development III Phase 1 Safety Assessment of CPCB-RPE1, hESC-derived RPE Cell Coated Parylene Membrane Implants, in Patients with Advanced Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration $17,128,661
University of California, San Diego Douglas Galasko Tissue Collection for Disease Modeling Collection of skin biopsies to prepare fibroblasts from patients with Alzheimer's disease and cognitively healthy elderly controls $643,693
University of California, Los Angeles Yi Sun Basic Biology III Studying neurotransmission of normal and diseased human ES cell-derived neurons in vivo $1,382,400
University of California, San Diego Mana Parast New Faculty Physician Scientist Human pluripotent stem cell-based therapeutics for preeclampsia $2,974,750
Stanford University Joseph Wu Early Translational III Heart Repair with Human Tissue Engineered Myocardium $4,397,241
Stanford University Judith Shizuru Disease Team Therapy Development - Research A monoclonal antibody that depletes blood stem cells and enables chemotherapy free transplants $19,068,382
University of California, San Diego Wei Wang Basic Biology V Systems-level discovery of the regulatory mechanisms directing differentiation of hESC $1,161,000
University of California, Merced Kara McCloskey Basic Biology V Directed Differentiation of Specialized Endothelial Cells $476,052
ViaCyte, Inc. Allan Robins Disease Team Research I Cell Therapy for Diabetes $22,999,933
University of California, Berkeley David Schaffer Shared Labs Human Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Research Laboratory $1,688,129
StemCells, Inc. Alexandra Capela Disease Team Therapy Development - Research Restoration of memory in Alzheimer’s disease: a new paradigm using neural stem cell therapy $8,901,641
University of California, San Francisco Morton Cowan Early Translational III Gene Correction of Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Artemis Deficient SCID $3,931,662
Buck Institute for Age Research Xianmin Zeng Shared Labs CIRM Shared Research Laboratory for Stem Cells and Aging $3,478,933
San Diego State University Ricardo Zayas New Faculty II The molecular basis underlying adult neurogenesis during regeneration and tissue renewal $1,712,225
University of California, San Francisco Jeffrey Bluestone Transplantation Immunology Stem cell tolerance through the use of engineered antigen-specific regulatory T cells $1,152,768
Stanford University Stefan Heller Comprehensive Grant Generation of inner ear sensory cells from human ES cells toward a cure for deafness $2,330,371
Gladstone Institutes Deepak Srivastava Disease Team Planning Pluripotent Stem Cell–Based Therapy for Heart Disease $13,505
Gladstone Institutes Sheng Ding Basic Biology IV A new paradigm of lineage-specific reprogramming $1,708,560
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Huei-sheng Chen SEED Grant Development of Neuro-Coupled Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Pacemaker Cells. $695,680
Stanford University Albert Wong Disease Team Therapy Planning I Recombinant Bispecific Antibody Targeting Cancer Stem Cells for the Therapy of Glioblastoma $109,750
University of California, San Francisco Susan Fisher Comprehensive Grant Constructing a fate map of the human embryo $2,430,487
University of California, Merced Michelle Khine SEED Grant Micro Platform for Controlled Cardiac Myocyte Differentiation $194,371
University of California, San Francisco Heike Daldrup-Link SEED Grant Labeling of human embryonic stem cells with iron oxide nanoparticles and fluorescent dyes for a non-invasive cell depiction with MR imaging and optical imaging $240,214
University of California, Los Angeles Donald Kohn Early Translational IV Beta-Globin Gene Correction of Sickle Cell Disease in Hematopoietic Stem Cells $1,652,076
University of California, Berkeley Randy Schekman Training Grant I-1 Human Stem Cell Training at UC Berkeley and Childrens Hospital of Oakland $2,360,457
iPierian, Inc. Irene Griswold-Prenner Basic Biology II Cellular Reprogramming: Dissecting the Molecular Mechanism and Enhancing Efficiency $1,458,000
University of California, San Francisco Jason Pomerantz Basic Biology III Phenotypic Analysis of Human ES Cell-Derived Muscle Stem Cells $1,381,296
University of Southern California Mohammad Pashmforoush New Faculty I Transcriptional Regulation of Cardiac Pacemaker Cell Progenitors $2,816,578
University of California, Los Angeles Gabriel Travis Early Translational I Development of a Stem Cell-based Transplantation Strategy for Treating Age-related Macular Degeneration $5,487,136
University of California, Santa Barbara Dennis Clegg Shared Labs Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering $1,407,192
Stanford University Thomas Wandless SEED Grant Reprogramming Differentiated Human Cells to a Pluripotent State $380,005
University of California, Los Angeles Dennis Slamon Disease Team Therapy Development III A Phase I dose escalation and expansion clinical trial in patients with advanced solid tumors $6,924,317
University of California, Davis Walter Boyd Early Translational III Extracellular Matrix Bioscaffold Augmented with Human Stem Cells for Cardiovascular Repair $4,633,149
University of California, Davis Roslyn Isseroff Early Translational II Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Heal Chronic Diabetic Wounds $4,635,576
University of California, Los Angeles William Lowry Basic Biology III Molecular determinants of accurate differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells $677,115
Stanford University Sarah Heilshorn Tools and Technologies II Preparation and Delivery of Clinically Relevant Numbers of Stem Cells Using 3D Hydrogels $600,695
Gladstone Institutes Deepak Srivastava Shared Labs CIRM Shared Human Embryonic Stem Cell Core Laboratory $1,698,515
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Gregg Duester SEED Grant Retinoic Acid-FGF Antagonism during Motor Neuron Differentiation of Human ES Cells $695,229
University of California, San Diego Miles Wilkinson Basic Biology V New Regulators of Spermatogonial Stem Cells: RHOX Homeobox Transcription Factors $560,160
City of Hope John Zaia Disease Team Research I ZIinc Finger Nuclease-Based Stem Cell Therapy for AIDS $14,536,969
Gladstone Institutes Robert Mahley Research Training II CIRM Scholars Program $4,945,955
University of California, Merced Michael Cleary Tools and Technologies I RNA Analysis by Biosynthetic Tagging (RABT): a tool for the identification of cell type-specific RNAs $481,096
University of California, San Diego Shyni Varghese New Faculty II A Novel Microenvironment-Mediated Functional Skeletal Muscle from Human Embryonic Stem Cells and their In Vivo Engraftment $2,300,569
University of California, San Francisco Jeremy Reiter New Faculty II High throughput modeling of human neurodegenerative diseases in embryonic stem cells $2,259,092
Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine Edward Holmes Major Facilities Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine $42,827,439