CIRM Publications

CIRM Publications

Grantee publications

Each scientific publication by our grantees describes an advance that could ultimately lead to new therapies.

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Annual reports

Our annual report describes research advances, tells patient stories and proves insights from our chair and president.

Download 2013 Annual Report [pdf]
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Workshop reports

Our workshops bring together experts in areas we think are going to be important in the development of new stem cell-based therapies.

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Strategic plans

Our efforts are guided by a set of clear goals laid out in our strategic plan, which we update every few years to reflect changes in the field.

Scientific Strategic Plan (May 2012) [pdf]
Scientific Strategic Plan
(October 2009) [pdf]
Scientific Strategic Plan
(December 2006) [pdf]

Monthly newsletter

It's hard to keep track of all the stem cell advances each month. That's why we summarize the month's news, events and upcoming dates to remember. You can subscribe to receive these newsletters each month by RSS feed or by email.

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President's science picks

Each month CIRM president Alan Trounson sifts through stem cell research advances and publishes his list of those he thinks move the field toward new therapies.

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Staff reports

The Promise on Hold: A Preliminary Assessement of the Impace of the NIH Stem Cell Funding Freeze [pdf]

CIRM Transition Plan [pdf]

Staff publications

Our staff members publish regularly in high-profile journals where their insights help guide the field.

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Commissioned reports

We periodically commission reports by outside experts to clarify the impact of the agency on health care and the economy and to assess our effectiveness.

Investing in translational research to produce clinical, commercial and financial outcomes (2013) [pdf]
Updated economic impact report (2012) [pdf]
Report of the CIRM External Advisory Committee [pdf]
Coverage, Cost-Control Mechanisms, and Financial Risk-Sharing Alternatives of High-Cost Health Care Technologies
Supporting Diversity in Research Participation: A Framework for Action
Economic Impact of Research Funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
(2010) [pdf]

Financial statements

We are proud of our record of fiscal responsibility. Our funding for administrative costs remains below 6% of our total expenses each year. These yearly financial statements provide details about where our money is spent.




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