Usage Information – Students

Usage Information for Students

Student advisory about using downloaded stem cell materials

It is important to understand how you can and cannot use downloaded material from this website. Please review the following information carefully.


This website contains materials you can download and use (that is, incorporate in whole or in part into school reports, presentations, projects, and assignments). CIRM-developed materials, including introductory and supplementary PowerPoint presentations and classroom teaching units, can be incorporated into your work without citing CIRM as the source. This is because CIRM-developed educational materials are not copyrighted, and we encourage students to use them freely in their educational projects. Attributing the material to (or citing) CIRM is good practice, but is not required.

Other materials you can download from this website include CIRM-reviewed materials such as PowerPoint presentations, research articles, figures, images, and graphs created/submitted by others. All of these materials contain references to the original sources. When you incorporate any of these materials, in whole or in part, you must provide a reference (or “attribution”) to the source of the material, which may or may not be copyrighted. Failure to provide this attribution is a significant infraction of writing practices.

If you use ideas or quotations or paraphrase text from any document or file you download from the CIRM website, you must provide a reference to the source material. Typically, such a reference includes the source material’s title, author(s), publication date, journal/publisher, volume number, and pages used. Failure to include such a reference would constitute plagiarism, a violation of academic and general writing practices that could have serious legal consequences.