Student Resources

Learn more about stem cell topics for school projects and for yourself so you can be on top of the latest research. Check out interviews of state-funded stem cell researchers and get information about careers in biotechnology—one of the fastest-growing industries in our state.

Background Information on Stem Cells

Get up to speed on stem cell research, from basic information about what the cells are to detailed descriptions of how the cells can improve human health.

Stem Cell Topics

Quickly find accurate information and videos on dozens of topics in research and medicine for school reports, presentations, projects, and assignments. These topics range from diseases that could one day be treated by stem cell-based therapies or scientific topics in the field of stem cell research.


Career Information for California High School Students

Building California’s Biotechnology Workforce: A guide to California’s Career Technical Education Programs

Over 271,000 Californians are employed in biotech—more than in the aerospace and motion picture industries combined. As a high school student, you can jump-start your biotechnology career by getting involved in this industry TODAY. This guide gives you a wealth of information on opportunities for you to participate in science fairs, training programs, after-school and summer programs, science workshops, mentorship programs, and academic internships. It also provides information on community college associate degrees, biotechnology technician certificate programs, and company internships.

Download the guide by visiting the California Biotech website. ( Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and next to “Learn more about biotech workforce development and education programs,” click the graphic showing the cover of the guide.

Get Involved

Student participation in and support of the stem cell field are critical to the future of regenerative research and related therapies and cures. High school, community college, university, and graduate students interested in stem cell research can put their passion into action by joining the Student Society for Stem Cell Research (SSSCR). Membership is free. As an SSSCR member, you will have access to educational, advocacy, community service, fundraising, event planning, and career development tools and opportunities.