Stem Cell Biotechnology and Workforce Development Act

The California Stem Cell and Biotechnology Education and Workforce Development Act of 2009

This law (SB 471 full text) encourages industry professionals to collaborate with CIRM to give California students a leg-up in stem cell education. There are abundant resources on stem cells science found on the web. However, it is hard work for high school teachers making stem cell lesson plans to sift through materials of varying quality, choose what they believe is the highest or most interesting to their students, then use that material accurately and scientifically in the classroom to explain current advances in stem cell research and how biology relates. You can help high school teachers engage their students with up-to-the-minute stem cell research and regenerative medicine by submitting simplified research project PowerPoint presentations, 9-12th grade-appropriate classroom activities, new information explaining your institution’s clinical trial, Ethics Legal and Social Issues (ELSI) surrounding new genetic technology, lab protocols, and online materials for CIRM-approval and posting on this website. Visit the Educate Others page to find more about participating in this educational experiment aiming to widen a portal between those working in stem cell industry and academia, teachers and educators, and California students.

SB 471 Legislative Digest:

“The California Stem Cell Research and Cures Act, an initiative measure approved by the voters at the November 2, 2004, general election (Proposition 71), establishes the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the purpose of which is, among other things, to make grants and loans for stem cell research, for research facilities, and for other vital research opportunities to realize therapies, protocols, and medical procedures that will result in the cure for, or substantial mitigation of, diseases and injuries. This bill would create the California Stem Cell and Biotechnology Education and Workforce Development Act of 2009 to establish stem cell and biotechnology education and workforce development as a state priority and to promote stronger links among industry sectors, the CIRM, and California public schools. The bill would require the State Department of Education to post certain information on its Internet Web site, including the CIRM model curriculum on stem cell science, and to communicate to science teachers and school districts the availability of this curriculum.”