Education Portal Modifications for Inquiry Teaching

Teachers are encouraged to present the lessons in the units as inquiries, with students introducing questions they would like to explore.

Teachers may invite CIRM outreach scientists to their classroom at any time during the study period to present lessons so students can have the chance to interact with scientists in the classroom. If a classroom visit isn’t possible, many scientists are happy to be interviewed by a student via email or snail mail. These interactions may begin new inquiries or satisfy inquiries already in progress. The use of journals is encouraged for students to record their questions about the material; what they wish to learn; thoughts after reading, modeling, or hearing new information; and future directions of their research or larger implications for society. Journal pages are available below by clicking on “Download the Interactive Notebook.”

CIRM’s Introductory PowerPoint Stem Cell Lesson and unit summary PowerPoint lessons may be used at the end of an inquiry module to help answer students’ remaining questions. Glossaries can be used in any way that they fit into the study. Each lesson has an invitation, an exploration, and an application level, as well as evaluation exercises, which can be used in any way the teacher wishes.