Advanced Stem Cell Unit Overview

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Lesson Title Matching Standards Length Requirements
Natural fertilization and in vitro fertilization create embryonic stem cells HS-LS3-1 1-2 days Internet, multiple computers, PowerPoint, projector, Play Doh
How does a stem cell “know” what to become? HS-LS3-1 HS-LS1-3 1-2 days Internet, multiple computers, projector
Stem cell differentiation and the the cancer stem cell hypothesis HS-LS1-4 1-2 days Internet, projector, laminator
Tumors and their interactions with the Microenvironment HS-LS1-4 1 day Internet, multiple computers
Plenty of Planaria HS-LS1-4 1-3 weeks Varies; Planaria, petri dishes, other lab equipment

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