PA 14-01: Summaries of Review Reports

The following is a listing of all applications reviewed under this PA. Applications include the score (between 0 and 100, with 100 being the best) and a funding recommendation made by the Grants Working Group (GWG). A link to the Public Abstract (provided by applicant), Statement of Benefit to California (provided by applicant), and Public Review Report are available for each application by clicking on the application title.



Project Module

Vote* Score Tier
AP1-08039   Y    
  Module 1: Ph1 Trial Additions; Device Development   91 1
  Module 2: Ph2 Trial in Patient Sub-group   <65 3
  Module 3: Scale up; Device Development; Bridging Studies   72 2
  Module 4: Ph2 Trial in Patient Sub-group   <65 3
AP1-08040   Y    
  Module 1: Manufacturing Improvements   <65 3
  Module 2.1: Bridging Studies Related to Manufacturing  Improvements   <65 3
  Module 2.2: Additional Dosing Studies   74 2
  Module 3: Ph2 Trial   <65 3
AP1-08043   N <65 3
AP1-08047   N <65 3
AP1-08048   N <65 3

*Following a full discussion of the application, the scientific members of the GWG voted whether:
“based upon the review criteria outlined in PA 14-01, the team has demonstrated adequate readiness and capacity to consider and integrate new proposed activities that will advance or accelerate their program toward a clinical proof of concept, potentially by or during 2017.”