CIRM Information for Applicants: Clinically Compatible hPSC Lines

CIRM is providing a list of hPSC lines that, to the best of our knowledge, could potentially meet the definition of clinically compatible*. In addition, as part of the CIRM Industry Resource Partner (IRP) Program, the organizations indicated below as IRP Partners have worked with CIRM to provide CIRM researchers with access to their clinically compatible hPSC line(s) under a standard agreement. CIRM does not endorse nor require the use of CIRM Industry Resource Partners.

CIRM applicants and awardees may use the CIRM contact form below the table on this page to obtain more information about CIRM Industry Resource Partner offerings.

This table will be periodically updated as more CIRM Resource Partners are onboarded or as CIRM becomes aware of hPSC line providers. If you’re a provider of clinically compatible hPSC lines or would like to obtain more information about participating in the IRP program, please email

*To be considered clinically compatible, a therapeutic candidate that is to be composed of or manufactured from donor cells or tissues must meet the following requirements:

  • Cells meet the Good Tissue Practices (GTP) requirements for donor eligibility, or there is plan in place to address GTP; and 
  • Cell source (tissue or cell line) has been appropriately consented by donor for intended use and for clinical development and sale.


CIRM List of Known Clinically Compatible hPSC Line Providers (hover over cell to see full text):

CIRM Disclaimer:  The information in the table has been collected by CIRM to help CIRM awardees accelerate the development of pluripotent stem cell-derived therapeutics. The information is intended to be provided in an unbiased way and is not an endorsement of any specific vendor. CIRM awardees are not required to utilize any vendors in the list above. The accuracy of the information listed is not guaranteed to be current by CIRM.  It is the CIRM awardee’s responsibility to ensure that the hPSC lines meet CIRM award requirements as well as any other regulatory or legal requirements. Please contact the individual vendors to verify any information listed in this Table. 


CIRM applicants and awardees wishing to obtain more information about the CIRM Industry Resource Partners’ hPSC offerings should complete the form below to contact CIRM. 

CIRM Monday Contact Form: