Site Notes //

Most of the site lives in the non categorized Page Type.

CCK Types from Old Site:

About CIRM (aboutcirm)
Content layout for blocks (contentlayout)
Event (event)
For The Public (for_the_public)
Page (page)
Press Release (pressrelease)
Research Funding (researchfunding)
Story (story)

New CCK Types:
Panel (panel)
Cirm Jobs (jobs)
CIRM Meetings (meetings)
Operations Page (operations_page)
About CIRM Page (about_cirm)
For the public anouncements (public_announcements)
For the Public Page (public_page)
For the public videos (public_videos)
Research Funding (research_funding)
Research Page (research_page)
CIrm RFP’s (rfp)