Jonathan Thomas and Frank Litvack nominated for CIRM chair

Jonathan Thomas and Frank Litvack nominated for CIRM chair

The Governing Board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has received nominations for two candidates to replace Robert Klein as board chair.

Governor Jerry Brown, Treasurer Bill Lockyer, and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom nominated Jonathan Thomas, chairman and co-founder of Saybrook Capital of Santa Monica, Ca.

Controller John Chiang nominated cardiologist Frank Litvack.

Under Proposition 71, four Constitutional Officers (the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Treasurer and the Controller) are responsible for nominating candidates for Chair and Vice Chair of CIRM’s Governing Board, which is composed of 29 members (27 members appointed by the Constitutional Officers, the Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate President Pro Tem, in addition to the Chair and Vice Chair.) The Governing Board elects a Chair and a Vice Chair from among the nominees.

The Governing Board will vote on who should become the next chair at the public meeting on June 22-23.The agenda for that meeting will be posting ten days in advance on our meetings list.