Governor Schwarzenegger signs SB 471

CIRM Statement on SB 471

We are delighted that SB 471, the “California Stem Cell and Biotechnology Education and Workforce Development Act of 2009,” has been signed by the Governor.

CIRM has made California a fertile ground for stem cell science to take hold and flourish. But we will only realize the full potential of this promising area of medical research by developing an educated workforce of the future. Through education, we will continue to grow this important and thriving economic driver within California’s biotechnology industry and retain our position as a leading international hub of stem cell research. More importantly, California scientists will be on the leading edge of delivering groundbreaking new therapies and cures for devastating disease and injury to patients around the world.

We look forward to collaborating with the California Department of Education (CDE) and the biotechnology industry to incorporate stem cell and biotechnology into existing science and career development programs.