Criteria, Definitions & Scoring as Recommended by the Facilities Working Group

Criteria, Definitions & Scoring
Recommended by the Facilities Working Group for RFA 07-03




Special Features

The investment represents a good return to the taxpayer while considering costs, quality, geographic location, and benefits of the project. The facility has innovative elements that encourage conservation and renewable resources. The project costs are reasonable and necessary.



The CIRM investment prompts additional investments that are consistent with the CIRM objectives; these investments are additional capital funding for the project. These costs include project cash expenditures prior to the Notice of Grant Award and may include (1) the purchase of land and/or a building at the documented cost to the institution and (2) other capitalized project cost. The project leverage attributable to internal project overhead and architectural and engineering costs will be no more than 10% of the total project costs.



Places a high priority on completion of the project within two years; and the delivery of projects on an expedited scheduled. The institution, the team and approach has a historic and proven track record of delivering capital projects on an expedited schedule.
Start Date: Notice of Grant Award
End Date: The base building is available for occupancy and/or installation of equipment.


Shared Resources

The project benefits from facility assets at the applicant site or collaborating institutions that reduce the cost to CIRM and increase the value for the mission.



The planned space design for the base building and tenant improvements is consistent with the CIRM objectives of meeting current programmatic needs and expanding regenerative medicine research capacity and capabilities. The facility provides for long term flexibility while meeting scientific objectives.