CIRM Partners with WikiPathways to Create Stem Cell Portal

CIRM Partners with WikiPathways to Create Stem Cell Portal

The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has partnered with WikiPathways to bring a new mode of community-driven science to the stem cell community.

WikiPathways is a specialized wiki for biological pathways. With more than 1,300 pathways representing 19 different species, WikiPathways’ coverage and depth is comparable to other pathway databases. What makes WikiPathways unique is its ability to integrate new and upgraded content contributed by the research community in real-time. All content at WikiPathways is distributed under a Creative Commons license that encourages sharing and reuse, feeding forward into new streams of research.

The new CIRM Portal within WikiPathways creates a point of entry to pathways tagged as being relevant to the stem cell research community. You can see the portal here: .

New users will need to sign in to WikiPathways to gain access to pathway drawing and editing tools where they can contribute new pathways or make improvements to an existing pathway. Users can also download pathways to use in presentations or to include in pathway analysis studies.

This page provides some information about WikiPathways:

The lab members of CIRM grantee Bruce Conklin at the Gladstone Institute and the University of California, San Francisco, are actively involved in maintaining WikiPathways. The partnership involves no financial commitment.