CIRM Community Educator Program

CIRM Community Educator Program

A limited number of scholarships to attend the ISSCR meeting will be awarded to patient advocates who have a track record of educating their community on the potential of stem cell research.

Paid registration for the International Society for Stem Cell Research in San Francisco, June 16-19.  Reimbursement of up to $150 for documented travel expenses for Bay Area residents, and up to $525 for other California residents.

Applicant must be a California resident; be conversant in science; be affiliated with a patient advocacy group; be actively involved in educating that community; have a viable plan for sharing information learned during the meeting with the community.

Up to 100 scholarships will be awarded based upon the quality of the applications. Preference will be given to those with a strong track record for dissemination of information. No more than one will be awarded per patient group (local chapter).

Submit a one-page summary of how the information was shared with the community within three months of the close of the conference.

Application Process
Submit a letter briefly stating your affiliation with a patient advocacy group, your history of community education, and your plans for dissemination of the information learned at the 2010 ISSCR conference.

5:00 pm PDT, Tuesday June 8
application should be emailed to Don Gibbons at