Application Number Funding Recommendation Title Score RM1-01725 Recommended Regulatory T cell induced tolerance to ESC transplantation 87 RM1-01730 Recommended Inactivating NK cell reactivity to facilitate transplantation of stem cell derived tissue 84 RM1-01703 Recommended Stem cell tolerance through the use of engineered antigen-specific regulatory T cells 81 RM1-01702 Recommended Stem cell differentiation to thymic epithelium for inducing tolerance to stem cells 81 RM1-01729 Recommended Generation of regulatory T cells by reprogramming 80 RM1-01720 Recommended Induction of immune tolerance after spinal grafting of human ES-derived neural precursors 80 RM1-01739 Recommended “Engineered immune tolerance by Stem Cell-derived thymic regeneration” 73 RM1-01735-B Recommended Role of HLA in neural stem cell rejection using humanized mice 73 RM1-01735-A Recommended Role of HLA in neural stem cell rejection using humanized mice 73 RM1-01706 Recommended Engineering Embryonic Stem Cell Allografts for Operational Tolerance 72 RM1-01711 Recommended Development of an immune tolerant hESC source for allogeneic cell therapy applications 72 RM1-01707 Recommended Engineering Thymic Regeneration to Induce Tolerance 70 RM1-01709 Recommended Role of Innate Immunity in hematopoeitic stem cell-mediated allograft tolerance 70 RM1-01732 Recommended Human Immune System Mouse models as preclinical platforms for stem cell derived grafts 70 RM1-01718 Recommended Maternal and Fetal Immune Responses to In Utero Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation 69 RM1-01724 Recommended Donor natural killer (NK) cells as “veto” cells to promote donor-specific tolerance 69 RM1-01743 Not recommended Induction of immune tolerance to human embryonic stem cell-derived allografts 68 RM1-01717 Not recommended Thymus based tolerance to stem cell therapies 67 RM1-01745 Not recommended Immune tolerance induction for islet graft in pancreas of autoimmune diabetic recipient 67 RM1-01710 Not recommended Application of Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation 66 RM1-01705 Not recommended IMMUNE TOLERANCE BY ES-CELL DERIVED DENDRITIC CELLS 65 RM1-01733 Not recommended Purified allogeneic hematopoietic stem cells as a platform for tolerance induction 65 RM1-01740 Not recommended Enhancing Stem Cell Transplant Survival in the CNS 64 RM1-01721 Not recommended Innate and Adaptive Immunity to Stem Cell Allografts: Pathways to Tolerance Induction 64 RM1-01731 Not recommended Characterizing the Alloimmune Response to Human ES-derived Pancreatic Lineage Cells 63 RM1-01744 Not recommended TERT as immunological barrier to iPS derivatives transplantation 62 RM1-01728 Not recommended Tolerance to stem cell grafts 62 RM1-01742 Not recommended Understanding Immunobiology of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 60 RM1-01738 Not recommended Prevention of stem cell transplant allorejection through DRAK2 blockade 0 RM1-01722 Not recommended Tolerance induction using fetal multilineage hematopoietic stem cells 0 RM1-01716 Not recommended Immune modulation to improve stem cell engraftment 0 RM1-01712 Not recommended Activated Natural Killer cells for cancer immunotherapy and stem cell transplantation. 0 RM1-01714 Not recommended IMMUNE TOLERANCE TO STEM CELLS IN LIVER TRANSPLANT REGENERATION AND SURVIVAL 0 RM1-01737 Not recommended Inducing transplantation tolerance with MSCs 0 RM1-01726 Not recommended iPSC-Derived T Cells for the Prevention of Autoimmune Pulmonary Hypertension 0 RM1-01713 Not recommended hESC-Derivates Suppress Host Inflammation 0 RM1-01723 Not recommended Comparative profiling of the immune response following grafting in the CNS 0 RM1-01719 Not recommended Analysis of Immunogenicity of Human iPS-Derived Hematopoietic Progenitors 0 RM1-01727 Not recommended Immunosuppressive Pericytes as Transplantable Natural Ancestors of Mesenchymal Stem Cells 0 RM1-01746 Not recommended Transplantation of human pluripotent stem cells into a bone defect made in humanized mice 0 RM1-01741 Not recommended Alloimmunogenicity and Tolerogenic Acceptance of ESC-Derived Hepatopancreatic Cells 0 RM1-01704 Not recommended Enhancing stem cell tolerance by activating adenosine A2A receptors 0 RM1-01736 Not recommended Immunogenicity of HLA-homozygous human parthenogenetic stem cells 0 RM1-01701 Not recommended Tolerance Induction by Mixed Allogeneic and Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation. 0 RM1-01715 Not recommended Stem Cell Transplantation using Psoralen treated T-lymphocytes 0