CIRM logos

Welcome to the CIRM logos download page. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Use of the main logos is preferred except when a single-color logo is required.
  • Except for resizing, do not alter the logos.
  • To ensure legibility, the logos should never be used in a size smaller than 0.25 inches high.
  • Minimum clearance to the edge of a page or other graphic elements:
  • To download logos, right-click on the [jpg] or [png] links and save the image file to your computer
  • Note: png files have a transparent background, jpg files have a white background
  • Need help? Contact
Main Logo – Orange/Blue Single Color – Blue

Download Logo Files:



Download Logo Files:
[jpg] | [png]

[Note: white logos will appear invisible until
overlayed onto a color background]