2011 Annual Report

Letter from the Chair

Jonathan Thomas, J.D., Ph.D.

Letter from the President

Alan Trounson, Ph.D.

Progress Toward Therapies

CIRM funds all phases of research from basic science that produces the breakthrough ideas all the way through filing paperwork to begin clinical trials. So far, 43 of our projects in 26 disease areas are in various stages of working toward clinical trials. Here is a summary of how many projects are in different stages of moving down teh path to the clinic.

News From CIRM

2011 in review: Creating jobs, speeding research and making progress toward therapies

Locking Out HIV: Two CIRM-funded teams are manipulating a person’s own blood-forming stem cells to make them resistant to HIV. Several advances this year suggest those researchers might be on to something.

Smoothing the Path: Developing a new therapy takes more than just clever science. Navigating the many hurdles leading up to and throughout a clinical trial requires an expert touch. CIRM is actively linking our grantees with that experience to help make sure their good ideas reach California patients.

Mimicking the Pancreas: A CIRM-funded team led by San Diego company ViaCyte is developing a diabetes therapy that’s so promising JDRF recently co-funded the project.

Banking on Stem Cells: Understanding and treating disease often starts with needing to develop stem cells from people with those diseases. Our banking partnership with teh NIH and a California-based program will generate, store and distribute such cells to help scientists understand and eventually treat genetic diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy for the Economy: More than 130 leading scientists and companies have relocated to California—bringing jobs in their wake—lured by California’s commitment to stem cell research.

Bridges to Stem Cell Research

The Bridges to Stem Cell Research and Creativity Award programs train the next generation of California stem cell scientists by providing our state’s young people opportunities to reach their highest potential through life changing medical research.” – California Senator Art Torres (retired)

Global Partnerships: CIRM’s partnerships with governmental funding agencies and institutions have leveraged more than $60 million for research toward stem cell-based cures. With partners working around the world the sun never sets on CIRM teams.

Major Facilities Openings: CIRM’s $271 million investment in 12 research facilities leveraged $884 million from private donors and institutions. In addition to creating 13,000 job-years and $100 million in tax revenue, the buildings will speed research toward cures by providing needed resources and encouraging collaboration.

Stories of Hope

At governing board meetings, Spotlight on Disease presentations feature patients, clinicians and researchers speaking about their hope for stem cell research. These are their stories…

Heart Failure

Sickle Cell Disease


Neuromyelitis Optica

2011 Financials