2010 Annual Report: Bridges to Stem Cell Research

Bridges to Stem Cell Research:

Building the California Stem Cell Workforce

CIRM’s 16 Bridges to Stem Cell Research Awards to undergraduate and masters-level programs train the next generation of stem cell scientists to fill jobs in California’s growing stem cell research sector — filling a void predicted by BayBio and the California Public Policy Institute. As the first participants graduate, students are already being hired into technician jobs, and being accepted into medical and graduate schools in large numbers.

David Serrano Sewell,

CIRM Governing Board Member

“CIRM’s $24 million Bridges to Stem Cells Program continues to be a great success within our portfolio of programs. It provides broad access to state universities and community college undergraduates and master’s-level students to receive high level training needed to build a strong foundation for the stem cell biomedical industry. Particularly during this time of state funding cuts, the Governing Board’s commitment to ensure that a diverse array of Californians have these opportunities makes me especially proud of my seven years of service.”