Publications by Grantees

The following list of publications describe research carried out with CIRM funding. Click on the publication title for a brief summary of the research and for more information about the CIRM grants that contributed to the research.

Title Year Journal
Cytokeratin 13 Is a New Biomarker for the Diagnosis of Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency. 2022 Cornea
Decellularized Adipose Matrices Can Alleviate Radiation-Induced Skin Fibrosis. 2022 Adv Wound Care (New Rochelle)
Disrupting mechanotransduction decreases fibrosis and contracture in split-thickness skin grafting. 2022 Sci Transl Med
Dose-dependent thresholds of dexamethasone destabilize CAR T-cell treatment efficacy. 2022 PLoS Comput Biol
DYNC1LI2 regulates localization of the chaperone-mediated autophagy receptor LAMP2A and improves cellular homeostasis in cystinosis. 2022 Autophagy
Early investigations into improving bowel and bladder function in fetal ovine myelomeningocele repair. 2022 J Pediatr Surg
EED is required for mouse primordial germ cell differentiation in the embryonic gonad. 2022 Dev Cell
Effects of Multi-stage Procurement on the Viability and Function of Human Donor Parathyroid Glands. 2022 J Surg Res
Elevated CD47 is a hallmark of dysfunctional aged muscle stem cells that can be targeted to augment regeneration. 2022 Cell Stem Cell
Engineered extracellular vesicles with high collagen-binding affinity present superior in situ retention and therapeutic efficacy in tissue repair. 2022 Theranostics
Engineering Extracellular Microenvironment for Tissue Regeneration. 2022 Bioengineering (Basel)
Ensembles of endothelial and mural cells promote angiogenesis in prenatal human brain. 2022 Cell
Erratum. 2022 Muscle Nerve
Establishment of Chimerism and Organ Transplant Tolerance in Laboratory Animals: Safety and Efficacy of Adaptation to Humans. 2022 Front Immunol
Estrogen-Related Receptor gamma Maintains Pancreatic Acinar Cell Function and Identity by Regulating Cellular Metabolism. 2022 Gastroenterology
Gene Expression Analysis in Stem Cell-derived Cortical Neuronal Cultures Using Multi-well SYBR Green Quantitative PCR Arrays. 2022 Bio Protoc
High-level correction of the sickle mutation is amplified in vivo during erythroid differentiation. 2022 iScience
High-throughput characterization of the role of non-B DNA motifs on promoter function. 2022 Cell Genom
HUMAN CELLULAR MODELS FOR RETINAL DISEASE: From Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to Organoids. 2022 Retina
IL-23 signaling prevents ferroptosis-driven renal immunopathology during candidiasis. 2022 Nat Commun
IL7Ralpha, but not Flk2, is required for hematopoietic stem cell reconstitution of tissue-resident lymphoid cells. 2022 Development
Impact of Gestational Age on Neuroprotective Function of Placenta-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. 2022 J Surg Res
Impact of pre-existing chronic viral infection and reactivation on the development of long COVID. 2022 J Clin Invest
Improving CAR-T immunotherapy: Overcoming the challenges of T cell exhaustion. 2022 EBioMedicine
Integration of single-cell transcriptomes and biological function reveals distinct behavioral patterns in bone marrow endothelium. 2022 Nat Commun
Interorgan crosstalk in pancreatic islet function and pathology. 2022 FEBS Lett
Isogenic human SNCA gene dosage induced pluripotent stem cells to model Parkinson’s disease. 2022 Stem Cell Res
Lifelong single-cell profiling of cranial neural crest diversification in zebrafish. 2022 Nat Commun
lincRNA-Cox2 Functions to Regulate Inflammation in Alveolar Macrophages during Acute Lung Injury. 2022 J Immunol
LncRNA Biomarkers of Inflammation and Cancer. 2022 Adv Exp Med Biol
Lymphangiocrine signals are required for proper intestinal repair after cytotoxic injury. 2022 Cell Stem Cell
Microcarrier-Based Culture of Human Pluripotent Stem-Cell-Derived Retinal Pigmented Epithelium. 2022 Bioengineering (Basel)
Modeling Effects of Immunosuppressive Drugs on Human Hearts Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiac Organoids and Single-Cell RNA Sequencing. 2022 Circulation
Modular automated microfluidic cell culture platform reduces glycolytic stress in cerebral cortex organoids. 2022 Sci Rep
Multiomic analysis reveals conservation of cancer-associated fibroblast phenotypes across species and tissue of origin. 2022 Cancer Cell
Mutant KRAS regulates transposable element RNA and innate immunity via KRAB zinc-finger genes. 2022 Cell Rep
Not all cortical organoids are created equal. 2022 Nat Cell Biol
Novel Humanized Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell Mouse Model with Delayed Onset of Graft-versus-Host Disease for Preclinical HIV Research. 2022 J Virol
Off-the-shelf, steroid-resistant, IL13Ralpha2-specific CAR T cells for treatment of glioblastoma. 2022 Neuro Oncol
Online seminars as an information source for direct-to-consumer stem cell therapy. 2022 Regen Med
Organotypic cultures as aging associated disease models. 2022 Aging (Albany NY)
Partial Tendon Injury at the Tendon-to-Bone Enthesis Activates Skeletal Stem Cells. 2022 Stem Cells Transl Med
Phase 1/1b Study of T-allo10 Infusion after HLA-Partially Matched αβ depleted-HSCT in Children and Young Adults with Hematologic Malignancies: Preliminary Results. 2022 Transplantation and Cellular Therapy
Piezo1 regulates cholesterol biosynthesis to influence neural stem cell fate during brain development. 2022 J Gen Physiol
Piezo1-Regulated Mechanotransduction Controls Flow-Activated Lymphatic Expansion. 2022 Circ Res
Plasticity of muscle stem cells in homeostasis and aging. 2022 Curr Opin Genet Dev
Pre-clinical data supporting immunotherapy for HIV using CMV-HIV-specific CAR T cells with CMV vaccine. 2022 Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev
Preclinical Development and Evaluation of Allogeneic CAR T Cells Targeting CD70 for the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma. 2022 Cancer Res
Primary and metastatic tumors exhibit systems-level differences in dependence on mitochondrial respiratory function. 2022 PLoS Biol
Primary cilia on muscle stem cells are critical to maintain regenerative capacity and are lost during aging. 2022 Nat Commun