Future regenerative therapies for corneal disease.

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The present review paper describes the recent advances in the design of therapies for the treatment of corneal diseases in different areas of the cornea. Even though most therapies have not reached the clinical stage, there are promising candidate stem cell-based therapies that could restore the normal function of the cornea.
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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: To highlight the progress and future direction of stem-cell based regenerative therapies for the treatment of corneal disease. RECENT FINDINGS: Corneal stem cell-based therapies, such as limbal stem cell transplantation, corneal stromal stem cell transplantation, endothelial stem cell transplantation, and stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles have demonstrated promising results in the laboratory. Although most are still in preclinical development or early phase clinical trials, these stem cell-based therapies hold potential to facilitate tissue regeneration, restore native function, and inhibit pathologic disease processes such as fibrosis, inflammation, and neovascularization. SUMMARY: Stem cell-based therapy offers a promising therapeutic option that can circumvent several of the challenges and limitations of traditional surgical treatment. This concise review summarizes the progress in stem-cell based therapies for corneal diseases along with their history, underlying mechanisms, limitations, and future areas for development.