Publications by Grantees

The following list of publications describe research carried out with CIRM funding. Click on the publication title for a brief summary of the research and for more information about the CIRM grants that contributed to the research.

Title Year Journal
Examining the Roles of H3K4 Methylation States with Systematically Characterized Antibodies. 2018 Mol Cell
Exogenous Lysyl Oxidase-Like 2 and Perfusion Culture Induce Collagen Crosslink Formation in Osteogenic Grafts. 2018 Biotechnol J
Fiber-based fluorescence lifetime imaging of recellularization processes on vascular tissue constructs. 2018 J Biophotonics
Fixation, Processing, and Immunofluorescent Labeling of Whole Mount Planarians. 2018 Methods Mol Biol
Fluorine-19 MRI for detection and quantification of immune cell therapy for cancer. 2018 J Immunother Cancer
Fox proteins are modular competency factors for facial cartilage and tooth specification. 2018 Development
FOXD3 Regulates Pluripotent Stem Cell Potential by Simultaneously Initiating and Repressing Enhancer Activity. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
Gelatin-based microribbon hydrogels accelerate cartilage formation by mesenchymal stem cells in 3D. 2018 Tissue Eng Part A
Generation of Vascular Endothelial Cells and Hematopoietic Cells by Blastocyst Complementation. 2018 Stem Cell Reports
Genetic dissection of clonal lineage relationships with hydroxytamoxifen liposomes. 2018 Nat Commun
Genetic fine-mapping of the Iowan SNCA gene triplication in a patient with Parkinson’s disease. 2018 NPJ Parkinsons Dis
GFAP Mutations in Astrocytes Impair Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Proliferation and Myelination in an hiPSC Model of Alexander Disease. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
High density placental mesenchymal stromal cells provide neuronal preservation and improve motor function following in utero treatment of ovine myelomeningocele. 2018 J Pediatr Surg
High-Yield Purification, Preservation, and Serial Transplantation of Human Satellite Cells. 2018 Stem Cell Reports
Human iPS derived progenitors bioengineered into liver organoids using an inverted colloidal crystal poly (ethylene glycol) scaffold. 2018 Biomaterials
Human iPSC-Derived Natural Killer Cells Engineered with Chimeric Antigen Receptors Enhance Anti-tumor Activity. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Assess Developmental Toxicity in the Osteogenic Lineage. 2018 Methods Mol Biol
Human-Specific NOTCH2NL Genes Affect Notch Signaling and Cortical Neurogenesis. 2018 Cell
Hyaluronic acid conjugated nanoparticle delivery of siRNA against TWIST reduces tumor burden and enhances sensitivity to cisplatin in ovarian cancer. 2018 Nanomedicine
Identification of the Human Skeletal Stem Cell. 2018 Cell
Imaging dynamic and selective low-complexity domain interactions that control gene transcription. 2018 Science
Imaging-Based Screen Identifies Laminin 411 as a Physiologically Relevant Niche Factor with Importance for i-Hep Applications. 2018 Stem Cell Reports
Impaired Notch Signaling Leads to a Decrease in p53 Activity and Mitotic Catastrophe in Aged Muscle Stem Cells. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
Improving Gene Editing Outcomes in Human Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells by Temporal Control of DNA Repair. 2018 Stem Cells
In Vitro and In Vivo Proteomic Comparison of Human Neural Progenitor Cell-Induced Photoreceptor Survival. 2018 Proteomics
In Vivo Evaluation of the Limbus Using Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography. 2018 Transl Vis Sci Technol
Inducible Expression of GDNF in Transplanted iPSC-Derived Neural Progenitor Cells. 2018 Stem Cell Reports
Induction of muscle stem cell quiescence by the secreted niche factor Oncostatin M. 2018 Nat Commun
Inflammatory Cytokine TNFalpha Promotes the Long-Term Expansion of Primary Hepatocytes in 3D Culture. 2018 Cell
Integrated Stress Response Activity Marks Stem Cells in Normal Hematopoiesis and Leukemia. 2018 Cell Rep
Interspecies chimeras. 2018 Curr Opin Genet Dev
Intra-embryo Gene Cassette Knockin by CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing with Adeno-Associated Viral Vector. 2018 iScience
Inversion and computational maturation of drug response using human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes in microphysiological systems. 2018 Sci Rep
iPSC-Derived Organs In Vivo: Challenges and Promise. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
Isolation and functional assessment of mouse skeletal stem cell lineage. 2018 Nat Protoc
KIF20A/MKLP2 regulates the division modes of neural progenitor cells during cortical development. 2018 Nat Commun
Large-Scale Clonal Analysis Resolves Aging of the Mouse Hematopoietic Stem Cell Compartment. 2018 Cell Stem Cell
Live-cell time-lapse imaging and single-cell tracking of in vitro cultured neural stem cells – Tools for analyzing dynamics of cell cycle, migration, and lineage selection. 2018 Methods
Loss of MECP2 Leads to Activation of P53 and Neuronal Senescence. 2018 Stem Cell Reports
LRH-1 mitigates intestinal inflammatory disease by maintaining epithelial homeostasis and cell survival. 2018 Nat Commun
Macrochimerism and clinical transplant tolerance. 2018 Hum Immunol
Mapping molecular landmarks of human skeletal ontogeny and pluripotent stem cell-derived articular chondrocytes. 2018 Nat Commun
Mechanoresponsive stem cells acquire neural crest fate in jaw regeneration. 2018 Nature
Metabolism in Pluripotent Stem Cells and Early Mammalian Development. 2018 Cell Metab
Mimicking Cartilage Tissue Zonal Organization by Engineering Tissue-Scale Gradient Hydrogels as 3D Cell Niche. 2018 Tissue Eng Part A
miRNA-based therapeutic potential of stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles: a safe cell-free treatment to ameliorate radiation-induced brain injury. 2018 Int J Radiat Biol
Modeling neurological diseases using iPSC-derived neural cells : iPSC modeling of neurological diseases. 2018 Cell Tissue Res
Modeling the Interplay Between Neurons and Astrocytes in Autism Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. 2018 Biol Psychiatry
Mosaicism diminishes the value of pre-implantation embryo biopsies for detecting CRISPR/Cas9 induced mutations in sheep. 2018 Transgenic Res
Multicellular Interactions in 3D Engineered Myocardial Tissue. 2018 Front Cardiovasc Med
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