Publications by CIRM grantees

The following list of publications describe research carried out with CIRM funding. Click on the publication title for a brief summary of the research and for more information about the CIRM grants that contributed to the research.

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Year Journal
Reprogramming of human fibroblasts into multipotent cells with a single ECM proteoglycan, fibromodulin. 2012 Biomaterials
Cholangiocarcinomas can originate from hepatocytes in mice. 2012 J Clin Invest
Partitioning the heart: mechanisms of cardiac septation and valve development. 2012 Development
Epigenetics and cardiovascular development. 2012 Annu Rev Physiol
Analysis of the endocardial-to-mesenchymal transformation of heart valve development by collagen gel culture assay. 2012 Methods Mol Biol
Analysis of the patterning of cardiac outflow tract and great arteries with angiography and vascular casting. 2012 Methods Mol Biol
Endocardial cells form the coronary arteries by angiogenesis through myocardial-endocardial VEGF signaling. 2012 Cell
The secondary heart field is a new site of calcineurin/Nfatc1 signaling for semilunar valve development. 2012 J Mol Cell Cardiol
Congenital asplenia in mice and humans with mutations in a Pbx/Nkx2-5/p15 module. 2012 Dev Cell
Perivascular stem cells: a prospectively purified mesenchymal stem cell population for bone tissue engineering. 2012 Stem Cells Transl Med
An abundant perivascular source of stem cells for bone tissue engineering. 2012 Stem Cells Transl Med
A self-limiting switch based on translational control regulates the transition from proliferation to differentiation in an adult stem cell lineage. 2012 Cell Stem Cell
Serum-free generation of multipotent mesoderm (kdr(+)) progenitor cells in mouse embryonic stem cells for functional genomics screening. 2012 Curr Protoc Stem Cell Biol
A Lissencephaly-1 homologue is essential for mitotic progression in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea. 2012 Dev Dyn
Epigenetic regulation of planarian stem cells by the SET1/MLL family of histone methyltransferases. 2012 Epigenetics
In utero hematopoietic cell transplantation for the treatment of congenital anomalies. 2012 Clin Perinatol
Tissue engineering of the intestine in a murine model. 2012 J Vis Exp
Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) for NMR and MRI researchers. 2012 J Magn Reson
Global identification of transcriptional regulators of pluripotency and differentiation in embryonic stem cells. 2012 Nucleic Acids Res
Synthesis and SAR of b-Annulated 1,4-Dihydropyridines Define Cardiomyogenic Compounds as Novel Inhibitors of TGFbeta Signaling. 2012 J Med Chem
FGF9-Pitx2-FGF10 signaling controls cecal formation in mice. 2012 Dev Biol
Promotion of Human Early Embryonic Development and Blastocyst Outgrowth In Vitro Using Autocrine/Paracrine Growth Factors. 2012 PLoS One
Whole-genome microRNA screening identifies let-7 and mir-18 as regulators of germ layer formation during early embryogenesis. 2012 Genes Dev
Dynamic blastomere behaviour reflects human embryo ploidy by the four-cell stage. 2012 Nat Commun
Human tissue-engineered colon forms from postnatal progenitor cells: an in vivo murine model. 2012 Regen Med
Fibroblast growth factor 10-fibroblast growth factor receptor 2b mediated signaling is not required for adult glandular stomach homeostasis. 2012 PLoS One
Chronic myeloid leukemia stem cell biology. 2012 Curr Hematol Malig Rep
NOTCH1 signaling promotes human T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia initiating cell regeneration in supportive niches. 2012 PLoS One
Core transcriptional regulatory circuit controlled by the TAL1 complex in human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 2012 Cancer Cell
Advances in the biology and therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia: proceedings from the 6th Post-ASH International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Workshop. 2012 Leuk Lymphoma
A Lissencephaly-1 homologue is essential for mitotic progression in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea. 2012 Dev Dyn
Alcam Regulates Long-term Hematopoietic Stem Cell Engraftment and Self-Renewal. 2012 Stem Cells
Selective elimination of leukemia stem cells: Hitting a moving target. 2012 Cancer Lett
Utf1: Goldilocks for ESC Bivalency. 2012 Cell Stem Cell
N-Myc and GCN5 regulate significantly overlapping transcriptional programs in neural stem cells. 2012 PLoS One
The little molecules that could: a story about microRNAs in neural stem cells and neurogenesis. 2012 Front Neurosci
Smyd3 regulates cancer cell phenotypes and catalyzes histone H4 lysine 5 methylation. 2012 Epigenetics
Using the BLT Humanized Mouse as a Stem Cell based Gene Therapy Tumor Model. 2012 J Vis Exp
Characterizing the radioresponse of pluripotent and multipotent human stem cells. 2012 PLoS One
The RB family is required for the self-renewal and survival of human embryonic stem cells. 2012 Nat Commun
Stage-Specific Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Method for H7 and H9 Human Embryonic Stem Cells. 2012 Stem Cell Rev
Key anticipated regulatory issues for clinical use of human induced pluripotent stem cells. 2012 Regen Med
Induced pluripotent stem cells show metabolomic differences to embryonic stem cells in polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholines and primary metabolism. 2012 PLoS One
Induced pluripotency and oncogenic transformation are related processes. 2012 Stem Cells Dev
Conversion of human fibroblasts to angioblast-like progenitor cells. 2012 Nat Methods
Isolation and in vitro characterization of Basal and submucosal gland duct stem/progenitor cells from human proximal airways. 2012 Stem Cells Transl Med
Endothelial cells provide an instructive niche for the differentiation and functional polarization of M2-like macrophages. 2012 Blood
The functions of microRNAs in pluripotency and reprogramming. 2012 Nat Cell Biol
Wnt signaling promotes Muller cell proliferation and survival after injury. 2012 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci
Regulation of the Hippo-YAP pathway by G-protein-coupled receptor signaling. 2012 Cell


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