Publications by CIRM grantees

The following list of publications describe research carried out with CIRM funding. Click on the publication title for a brief summary of the research and for more information about the CIRM grants that contributed to the research.

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Year Journal
All's well that ends well: alternative polyadenylation and its implications for stem cell biology. 2013 Curr Opin Cell Biol
The functional genetic link of NLGN4X knockdown and neurodevelopment in neural stem cells. 2013 Hum Mol Genet
Devices for cell transplantation into the central nervous system: Design considerations and emerging technologies. 2013 Surg Neurol Int
Deficiency of MIWI2 (Piwil4) induces mouse erythroleukemia cell differentiation, but has no effect on hematopoiesis in vivo. 2013 PLoS One
Expansion on stromal cells preserves the undifferentiated state of human hematopoietic stem cells despite compromised reconstitution ability. 2013 PLoS One
Whole transcriptome sequencing enables discovery and analysis of viruses in archived primary central nervous system lymphomas. 2013 PLoS One
Gold Nanoparticle-Loaded Neural Stem Cells for Photothermal Ablation of Cancer. 2013 Adv Healthc Mater
Gbx2, a LIF/Stat3 target, promotes reprogramming to and retention of the pluripotent ground state. 2013 J Cell Sci
Process-based expansion and neural differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells for transplantation and disease modeling. 2013 J Neurosci Res
Bivalent Chromatin Marks Developmental Regulatory Genes in the Mouse Embryonic Germline In Vivo. 2013 Cell Rep
Astroglial cells regulate the developmental timeline of human neurons differentiated from induced pluripotent stem cells. 2013 Stem Cell Res
Abnormal calcium handling properties underlie familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy pathology in patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells. 2013 Cell Stem Cell
BMI1 represses Ink4a/Arf and Hox genes to regulate stem cells in the rodent incisor. 2013 Nat Cell Biol
Ring Finger Protein 14 is a new regulator of TCF/beta-catenin-mediated transcription and colon cancer cell survival. 2013 EMBO Rep
Smooth muscle cells: to be or not to be? Response to Nguyen et Al. 2013 Circ Res
Wnt7b is an important intrinsic regulator of hair follicle stem cell homeostasis and hair follicle cycling. 2013 Stem Cells
Integrase-defective Lentiviral Vectors as a Delivery Platform for Targeted Modification of Adenosine Deaminase Locus. 2013 Mol Ther
Direct and indirect antigen presentation lead to deletion of donor-specific T cells after in utero hematopoietic cell transplantation in mice. 2013 Blood
Chromatin immunoprecipitation assays for Myc and N-Myc. 2013 Methods Mol Biol
SIRT3 Reverses Aging-Associated Degeneration. 2013 Cell Rep
SMRT compounds abrogate cellular phenotypes of ataxia telangiectasia in neural derivatives of patient-specific hiPSCs. 2013 Nat Commun
RUNX1a enhances hematopoietic lineage commitment from human embryonic stem cells and inducible pluripotent stem cells. 2013 Blood
Haematopoietic stem cell niches: new insights inspire new questions. 2013 EMBO J
Regenerative Capacity of Old Muscle Stem Cells Declines without Significant Accumulation of DNA Damage. 2013 PLoS One
Clinical grade manufacturing of human alloantigen-reactive regulatory T cells for use in transplantation. 2013 Am J Transplant
Amyloid-beta Increases Capillary Bed Density in the Adult Zebrafish Retina. 2013 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci
Clinical translation of stem cells: insight for cartilage therapies. 2013 Crit Rev Biotechnol
Radiolabeling Human Peripheral Blood Stem Cells for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging in Young Rhesus Monkeys. 2013 PLoS One
Transcriptome sequencing of tumor subpopulations reveals a spectrum of therapeutic options for squamous cell lung cancer. 2013 PLoS One
Imaging-based chemical screening reveals activity-dependent neural differentiation of pluripotent stem cells. 2013 Elife
Protein-engineered injectable hydrogel to improve retention of transplanted adipose-derived stem cells. 2013 Adv Healthc Mater
Klf4 Organizes Long-Range Chromosomal Interactions with the Oct4 Locus in Reprogramming and Pluripotency. 2013 Cell Stem Cell
The interactomes of POU5F1 and SOX2 enhancers in human embryonic stem cells. 2013 Sci Rep
Global epigenomic reconfiguration during mammalian brain development. 2013 Science
Label Retaining Cells (LRCs) with Myoepithelial Characteristic from the Proximal Acinar Region Define Stem Cells in the Sweat Gland. 2013 PLoS One
Myeloproliferative Neoplasia Remodels the Endosteal Bone Marrow Niche into a Self-Reinforcing Leukemic Niche. 2013 Cell Stem Cell
hESC-secreted proteins can be enriched for multiple regenerative therapies by heparin-binding. 2013 Aging (Albany NY)
The circulatory systemic environment as a modulator of neurogenesis and brain aging. 2013 Autoimmun Rev
Quantitative Transcriptomics using Designed Primer-based Amplification. 2013 Sci Rep
Clonal precursor of bone, cartilage, and hematopoietic niche stromal cells. 2013 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
A High-Resolution Enhancer Atlas of the Developing Telencephalon. 2013 Cell
IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha Synergistically Induce Mesenchymal Stem Cell Impairment and Tumorigenesis via NFkappaB Signaling. 2013 Stem Cells
Functional Maturation of hPSC-Derived Forebrain Interneurons Requires an Extended Timeline and Mimics Human Neural Development. 2013 Cell Stem Cell
Design of three-dimensional engineered protein hydrogels for tailored control of neurite growth. 2013 Acta Biomater
Tissue Engineering the Small Intestine. 2013 Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol
Generation and characterization of spiking and non-spiking oligodendroglial progenitor cells from embryonic stem cells. 2013 Stem Cells
Lysophosphatidic Acid Mediates Myeloid Differentiation within the Human Bone Marrow Microenvironment. 2013 PLoS One
The Colossus of ubiquitylation: decrypting a cellular code. 2013 Mol Cell
TYK2-STAT1-BCL2 Pathway Dependence in T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 2013 Cancer Discov
From neural development to cognition: unexpected roles for chromatin. 2013 Nat Rev Genet


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