Publications by Grantees

The following list of publications describe research carried out with CIRM funding. Click on the publication title for a brief summary of the research and for more information about the CIRM grants that contributed to the research.

Title Year Journal
Dynamic epithelia of the developing vertebrate face. 2015 Curr Opin Genet Dev
Dynamic regulation of mRNA decay during neural development. 2015 Neural Dev
Dynamics of CRISPR-Cas9 genome interrogation in living cells. 2015 Science
Early reprogramming regulators identified by prospective isolation and mass cytometry. 2015 Nature
Effects of ATP and NGF on Proliferation and Migration of Neural Precursor Cells. 2015 Neurochem Res
Effects of the poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogel crosslinking mechanism on protein release. 2015 Biomater Sci
Efficient Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem and Neural Progenitor Cells From Acutely Harvested Dura Mater Obtained During Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Surgery. 2015 World Neurosurg
Embolization of the first diagonal branch of the left anterior descending coronary artery as a porcine model of chronic trans-mural myocardial infarction. 2015 J Transl Med
Embryonic stem cells derived from in vivo or in vitro-generated murine blastocysts display similar transcriptome and differentiation potential. 2015 PLoS One
Enabling consistency in pluripotent stem cell-derived products for research and development and clinical applications through material standards. 2015 Stem Cells Transl Med
Endocrine aspects of organelle stress-cell non-autonomous signaling of mitochondria and the ER. 2015 Curr Opin Cell Biol
Enzymatic passaging of human embryonic stem cells alters central carbon metabolism and glycan abundance. 2015 Biotechnol J
Eph-Pak2a signaling regulates branching of the pharyngeal endoderm by inhibiting late-stage epithelial dynamics. 2015 Development
Ephrin-As are required for the topographic mapping but not laminar choice of physiologically distinct RGC types. 2015 Dev Neurobiol
Epicardial FSTL1 reconstitution regenerates the adult mammalian heart. 2015 Nature
Epigenetic Priming of Enhancers Predicts Developmental Competence of hESC-Derived Endodermal Lineage Intermediates. 2015 Cell Stem Cell
Epigenome-wide association of liver methylation patterns and complex metabolic traits in mice. 2015 Cell Metab
Epithelial Thinning in Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency. 2015 Am J Ophthalmol
Erk Negative Feedback Control Enables Pre-B Cell Transformation and Represents a Therapeutic Target in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 2015 Cancer Cell
ERRs Mediate a Metabolic Switch Required for Somatic Cell Reprogramming to Pluripotency. 2015 Cell Stem Cell
ETV2 expression increases the efficiency of primitive endothelial cell derivation from human embryonic stem cells. 2015 Cell Regen (Lond)
Evolution and functional significance of derived sternal ossification patterns in ornithothoracine birds. 2015 J Evol Biol
Ex Vivo Expansion and In Vivo Self-Renewal of Human Muscle Stem Cells. 2015 Stem Cell Reports
Exogenous marker-engineered mesenchymal stem cells detect cancer and metastases in a simple blood assay. 2015 Stem Cell Res Ther
Extracardiac control of embryonic cardiomyocyte proliferation and ventricular wall expansion. 2015 Cardiovasc Res
Feather on the Cap of Medicine. 2015 J Invest Dermatol
Follicle dynamics and global organization in the intact mouse ovary. 2015 Dev Biol
Forward engineering neuronal diversity using direct reprogramming. 2015 EMBO J
Foxp1-mediated programming of limb-innervating motor neurons from mouse and human embryonic stem cells. 2015 Nat Commun
Functional and mechanistic studies of XPC DNA-repair complex as transcriptional coactivator in embryonic stem cells. 2015 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Functionally Distinct Subsets of Lineage-Biased Multipotent Progenitors Control Blood Production in Normal and Regenerative Conditions. 2015 Cell Stem Cell
Generation of Genetically Modified Organotypic Skin Cultures Using Devitalized Human Dermis. 2015 J Vis Exp
Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Mammalian Endangered Species. 2015 Methods Mol Biol
Generation of tissue-engineered small intestine using embryonic stem cell-derived human intestinal organoids. 2015 Biol Open
Genetic engineering of hematopoietic stem cells to generate invariant natural killer T cells. 2015 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Genome-wide association study identifies nox3 as a critical gene for susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss. 2015 PLoS Genet
Genome-wide detection of high abundance N6-methyladenosine sites by microarray. 2015 RNA
Genomic DISC1 Disruption in hiPSCs Alters Wnt Signaling and Neural Cell Fate. 2015 Cell Rep
Glycosyltransferase ST6GAL1 contributes to the regulation of pluripotency in human pluripotent stem cells. 2015 Sci Rep
GPI-80 defines self-renewal ability in hematopoietic stem cells during human development. 2015 Cell Stem Cell
HDAC inhibition imparts beneficial transgenerational effects in Huntington’s disease mice via altered DNA and histone methylation. 2015 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
hESC Differentiation toward an Autonomic Neuronal Cell Fate Depends on Distinct Cues from the Co-Patterning Vasculature. 2015 Stem Cell Reports
HiTSelect: a comprehensive tool for high-complexity-pooled screen analysis. 2015 Nucleic Acids Res
HIV-specific Immunity Derived From Chimeric Antigen Receptor-engineered Stem Cells. 2015 Mol Ther
Homology-driven genome editing in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells using ZFN mRNA and AAV6 donors. 2015 Nat Biotechnol
Human and mouse tissue-engineered small intestine both demonstrate digestive and absorptive function. 2015 Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol
Human Disease Modeling Reveals Integrated Transcriptional and Epigenetic Mechanisms of NOTCH1 Haploinsufficiency. 2015 Cell
Human Engineered Heart Muscles Engraft and Survive Long-Term in a Rodent Myocardial Infarction Model. 2015 Circ Res
Human iPSC-based Cardiac Microphysiological System For Drug Screening Applications. 2015 Sci Rep
Human Satellite Cell Transplantation and Regeneration from Diverse Skeletal Muscles. 2015 Stem Cell Reports