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EDUC 5: Funding Opportunity for Creating Opportunities through Mentorship and Partnership Across Stem Cell Science (COMPASS)

The objective of the COMPASS Training Program is to prepare a diverse cadre of undergraduate students for careers in regenerative medicine through the creation of novel recruitment and support mechanisms that identify and foster untapped talent within populations that are historically under-represented in the biomedical sciences, and by combining hands-on research opportunities with strategic and structured mentorship experiences to enhance transition of students to successful careers.

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ICOC Approval:
August 30, 2022
Total Awards:
Award Value:


Institution Investigator Grant Title Award Value
Solano Community College James Dekloe IDEA-CBMS – Increase Diversity, Equity, and Advancement in Cell Based Manufacturing Sciences $2,894,500
University of Southern California Dr. Senta Georgia USC COMPASS: Guiding Undergraduates to Careers in Regenerative Medicine $2,899,999
University of California, Berkeley John Matsui The COMPASS Scholars Program – Developing Today’s Untapped Talent into Tomorrow’s STEM Cell Researchers $2,908,950
University of California, Los Angeles Tracy L Johnson COMPASS: Accelerating Stem Cell Research by Educating and Empowering New Stem Cell Researchers $2,910,000
University of California, Santa Barbara Dr. Dennis O. Clegg Dr. Training and mentorship program in stem cell biology and engineering: A COMPASS for the future $2,746,000
Cal Poly Corporation, an Auxiliary of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Dr. Kristen OHalloran Cardinal A COMPASS to guide the growth of a diverse regenerative medicine workforce that represents California and benefits the world $2,887,939
University of California, Merced Dr. Kara E McCloskey Training Undergraduates in Stem Cell Engineering and Biology (TUSCEB) $2,909,999
San Francisco State University Dr. Lily Chen Inclusive Pathways for a Stem Cell Scholar (iPSCS) Undergraduate Training Program $2,894,500
California State University San Marcos Corporation Dr. Bianca Romina Mothé COMPASS Program for Southern California Hispanic Serving Institution $2,811,200
The University Corporation at California State University, Northridge Cindy S Malone CSUN CIRM COMPASS Training Program (N-COMPASS) $2,777,700
Cal State Univ, San Bernadino Daniel Nickerson Student Pluripotency: Realizing Untapped Undergraduate Potential in Regenerative Medicine $2,909,853
Cal State Univ, Fullerton Alison Miyamoto COMPASS: an inclusive Pipeline for Research and Other Stem cell-based Professions in Regenerative medicine (iPROSPR) $2,856,015
University of California, Irvine Dr. Brian J. Cummings Research Mentorship Program in Regenerative Medicine Careers for a Diverse Undergraduate Student Body $2,729,900
The Regents of the University of California on behalf of its Riverside Campus Dr. Huinan Hannah Liu Research Training and Mentorship Program to Inspire Diverse Undergraduates toward Regenerative Medicine Careers (RAMP) $2,910,000
University of California, Davis Dr. Alice F Tarantal COMPASS Undergraduate Program $2,909,950
MiraCosta College Dr. Michael Fino Increase Diversity, Equity, and Advancement in Cell Based Manufacturing Sciences (IDEA-CBMS) $2,878,000