IDEA-CBMS – Increase Diversity, Equity, and Advancement in Cell Based Manufacturing Sciences

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IDEA-CBMS - Increase Diversity, Equity, and Advancement in Cell Based Manufacturing Sciences

Statement of Benefit to California:
The scientific initiatives for advancing stem cell and regenerative medicine towards new therapeutics to treat human disease are being led by the state of California. These therapies are critical to society and the initiatives are driving future innovations in Biomedical sciences. As we move forward, there’s an unequivocal need for a robust talent development pipeline to train our future professionals in regenerative medicine that represent California’s diverse population. We designed our program to answer this call to action and provide opportunities for our diverse college students to receive focused training and education, accelerating their efforts into the advanced skilled technical workforce. Our program also encompasses the skills and training needed as a regenerative medicine research professional, that is mindful and comprehends the importance of translational medicine and how their scientific efforts will result in patient therapies. These efforts also include community outreach and patient advocacy to disseminate the importance and benefits of these research initiatives. Our community college population represents the diversity of California and further ensures equitable recruitment. Our focused laboratory partners in academia and industry are committed to delivering innovative and comprehensive internship experiences for our undergraduates through part-time, year-round or summer intensive, full time work-based learning in regenerative medicine. Our student scholars will work on multiple applications in regenerative medicine and cell therapies to treat complex human diseases such as multiple cancers, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, as well as various autoimmune and neurological diseases. The program is designed for students to concurrently work in scientific laboratories while finishing their undergraduate credentials in Biomanufacturing with no schedule disruption. Our students participate in a focused mentor fellowship and work in collaboration with global patient advocacy partners on multiple events to support donor drives and other gift of life activities. These programs and initiatives all contribute to our students moving forward in California’s workforce and completing their 4-year bachelor’s education. Our program will train and support at least 25 individuals that represent the diverse population of California and will continue to represent the evolving population of our scientific workforce. Our strategic initiatives for this program are aligned with California’s workforce initiatives, supplying a skilled technical workforce to combat the significant labor market gaps in our scientific sector workforce. Our students have broad and diverse perspectives and understand the importance of regenerative medicine, the community impact of new cell therapeutics, and how their knowledge and efforts will advance regenerative medicine in California.