Training Undergraduates in Stem Cell Engineering and Biology (TUSCEB)

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Training Undergraduates in Stem Cell Engineering and Biology (TUSCEB)

Statement of Benefit to California:
Our proposed training program will benefit the State of California and its citizens at several levels. This program will create the workforce necessary to support stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. This, in turn, will be the springboard for improvements in health care, increase in tax revenues, and improvements in education for California residents. Our program is targeted for students at the University of California, Merced, and will benefit the state of California by supporting the state’s newest campus and its premier public research institution of higher education and making creating career opportunities for its diverse populations of citizens. As this program is funded by CIRM, it is highly likely that Californians would be the primary recipients of therapies supported by our trainees. Stem cell research already relies on a number of products and tools manufactured and sold in the state of California. If successful, research will require a scaled-up version of protocols designed for regenerative medicine. This could attract new biotechnology companies in the state, boosting the tax revenue in the state. This in turn, will provide new jobs for California state residents. Establishment of successful stem cell therapeutics in California will encourage institutions of higher education to promote science education to fill the jobs created by stem cell research. This will retain California students in the state that are interested in biomedical research and medical careers. Furthermore, it could attract out-of-state students seeking degrees that will allow them access to careers in stem cell research. It is envisioned that this will trickle down to the K-12 levels and provide funding to promote science education at all levels. Community outreach events will educate the public on the field of stem cell research, emphasizing the innovations to healthcare, as well as, current challenges in stem cell therapy. These activities contribute to fostering knowledgeable voters that support California’s efforts in stem cell research.