Salk Institute for Biological Studies

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Awards to the Institution

Program Investigator Award Title Award Value
New Cell Lines Fred Gage Development of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modeling Human Disease $1,737,720
Research Training II Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte Training in the Biology of Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Emerging Technologies II $2,886,221
New Faculty I Dana Jones Characterization of mechanisms regulating de-differentiation and the re-acquisition of stem cell identity $2,134,100
SEED Grant Beverly Emerson Regulation of Specific Chromosomal Boundary Elements by CTCF Protein Complexes in Human Embryonic Stem Cells $647,343
Training Grant I-3 Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte Training in the Biology of Human Enbryonic Stem Cells and Emerging Technologies $1,261,333
Genomics Centers of Excellence Awards (R) Joseph Ecker Center of Excellence for Stem Cell Genomics - Salk $13,201,635
SEED Grant Samuel Pfaff Gene regulatory mechanisms that control spinal neuron differentiation from hES cells. $704,543
Early Translational III Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte Direct reprogramming towards vascular progenitors for the treatment of ischemia $2,340,000
Preclinical Development Awards David Schubert Human Stem-Cell Based Development of a Potent Alzheimer’s Drug Candidate $1,664,885
SEED Grant Senyon Choe A method to maintain and propagate pluripotent human ES cells $760,042
Early Translational III David Schubert Stem cell based small molecule therapy for Alzheimer's disease $1,673,757
Quest - Discovery Stage Research Projects Ronald Evans Therapeutic immune tolerant human islet-like organoids (HILOs) for Type 1 Diabetes $1,637,209
Comprehensive Grant Fred Gage Molecular and Cellular Transitions from ES Cells to Mature Functioning Human Neurons $2,749,293
Early Translational IV Inder Verma Development of a cell and gene based therapy for hemophilia $2,298,634
Early Translational I Inder Verma Curing Hematological Diseases $5,979,252
Basic Biology V Ronald Evans Metabolically-driven epigenetic changes in iPSC reprogramming $1,491,900
Basic Biology II Ronald Evans Molecular Characterization and Functional Exploration of Nuclear Receptors in hiPSCs $1,712,880
Shared Labs Inder Verma Shared viral vector facility for genetic manipulation of huamn ES cell $1,844,315
Disease Team Planning Samuel Pfaff Motor neuron diseases: Finding cures through basic, translational, and clinical collaboration $51,266
Early Translational II Fred Gage Crosstalk: Inflammation in Parkinson’s disease (PD) in a humanized in vitro model $2,472,839
New Faculty I Lei Wang Genetic Encoding Novel Amino Acids in Embryonic Stem Cells for Molecular Understanding of Differentiation to Dopamine Neurons $2,587,742
Shared Labs Garry Van Gerpen Shared viral vector facility for genetic manipulation of huamn ES cell $1,478,923
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