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CIRM Early Translational Research Awards

The CIRM Early Translational Research Awards are designed to move promising basic research in stem cell science toward the clinic. These awards will support two categories of projects including research that:  1) results in a development candidate that meets an unmet medical need; or 2) addresses a significant bottleneck in the translation of stem cell biology that hinders advancement of effective, novel cell therapies to the clinic.


All Principal Investigators planning to apply for a CIRM Early Translational Research Award must be officially nominated on a Candidate Nomination Form (CNF) by their host institution and must notify CIRM in a Letter of Intent (LOI). The forms for the CNF and LOI can be accessed through the links below. The Candidate Nomination Form (in hard copy) and the Letter of Intent (as an email attachment to: Early_Translational_LOI@cirm.ca.gov) must be received by CIRM no later than 5:00pm PDT on October 15th , 2008. No exceptions will be made.


Application forms will be available online by September 17, 2008.  Applications must be received by CIRM no later than 5:00pm PST on November 20th, 2008. No exceptions will be made. Applications will only be accepted from PIs who 1) have been officially nominated on a CNF from their home institution and 2) have submitted a LOI that was accepted by CIRM.

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Schedule of Receipt Anticipated Review

ICOC Approval:
April 29, 2009
Total Awards:
Award Value:


Institution Investigator Grant Title Award Value
BioTime, Inc. Dr. Michael D West Ph.D. Addressing the Cell Purity and Identity Bottleneck Through Generation and Expansion of Clonal Human Embryonic Progenitor Cell Lines $4,721,706
University of California, Davis Dr. Alice F Tarantal In Utero Model to Assess the Fate of Transplanted Human Cells for Translational Research and Pediatric Therapies $3,143,392
Salk Institute for Biological Studies Dr. Inder M. Verma Curing Hematological Diseases $5,979,252
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute Dr Evan Y Snyder Developmental Candidates for Cell-Based Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) $5,190,752
Stanford University Dr. Jill Helms Enhancing healing via Wnt-protein mediated activation of endogenous stem cells $6,464,126
Jackson Labs Pali G. Kaur Mouse Models for Stem Cell Therapeutic Development $3,759,134
Gladstone Institutes, J. David Dr. Warner C Greene Maximizing the Safety of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as an Infusion Therapy: Limiting the Mutagenic Threat of Retroelement Retrotransposition during iPSC Generation, Expansion and Differentiation $1,280,001
Scripps Research Institute Dr. Martin Friedlander Autologous Retinal Pigmented Epithelial Cells Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells for the Treatment of Atrophic Age Related Macular Degeneration $5,806,321
University of California, Los Angeles Dr. Gabriel H. Travis Development of a Stem Cell-based Transplantation Strategy for Treating Age-related Macular Degeneration $5,487,136
Scripps Research Institute Dr. Jeanne F Loring Ensuring the safety of cell therapy: a quality control pipeline for cell purification and validation $5,830,771
ViaCyte, Inc. Dr. Olivia G. Kelly Methods for detection and elimination of residual human embryonic stem cells in a differentiated cell product $5,405,397
Scripps Health Dr. Darryl D. D’Lima Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Cartilage Regeneration and Osteoarthritis $3,118,431
University of California, Irvine Dr. Frank LaFerla Neural Stem Cells as a Developmental Candidate to Treat Alzheimer Disease $3,599,997
University of California, Davis Dr. Jan Aileen Nolta PhD Sustained siRNA production from human MSC to treat Huntingtons Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders $2,615,674
University of California, San Diego Dr. Yang Xu Developing induced pluripotent stem cells into human therapeutics and disease models $5,165,028
Parkinson’s Institute Mr. James “Bill” William Langston Mr. Using patient-specific iPSC derived dopaminergic neurons to overcome a major bottleneck in Parkinson’s disease research and drug discovery $3,698,646